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My World:
Unexpected Charm

Passionate about travelling, each year, 28-year-old “Pound” Haruethai Jayant Na Ayudhaya, owner of Haatiya fashion label, explores new cities around the world. She will talk about three ancient cities that she would like to recommend to everyone, as they are simply breathtaking.
February 8, 2019
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My World: Balancing Act

BALANCING ACT Modern socialite and heiress to Thailand’s top newspaper, “Mulee” Anchisa Watcharapol is always dashing and stylish every time she is spotted. Underneath her fashion-forward exterior, this young lady in her twenties is actually head over heels in love with nature. PHOTOGRAPHY : ANCHISA WATCHARAPOL STORY : TAWAN KONKAEW REPUBLIC OF MAURITIUS “I was fascinated by the islands of the Republic of Mauritius. I visited them during Songkran holidays several years ago with my mother and sister. They are small islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, near Africa, surrounded by clear blue sea. When sailing out into the ocean, you can still see the sand underneath. The locals were also very friendly. When we walked past a fisherman village, the people would recommend where to go and they were very helpful. I also liked the place because it was the only place where I met several dolphins. I don’t…
February 23, 2018