In View Of Celebrating The 80th Anniversary Of Polaroid Eyewear

@ King Power Srivaree Only In view of celebrating the 80th anniversary of Polaroid Eyewear, the brand has developed an exclusive campaign cooperation, only to been held in Travel Retail Asia. Polaroid has created a cool and vibrant character named Mr. Pixel, which is incorporated with the iconic feature of the brand, 9 color-pixel feature. The mascot will be walking around to greet and engage with shoppers around various Travel Retail outlets.It is currently stationed in Bangkok at the moment with King Power Duty Free (only at Srivaree Branch). Mr. Pixel is pleased to take pictures with the consumers and also handing out free pins and stickers. Moreover, every customer will get 10% discount in every purchase of Polaroid eyewear (expire 31 October 2017).October is the peak period for travel retail as it is Golden Week for the mainland Chinese customers. Having Mr. Pixel present during this particular period of…
December 11, 2018