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My World:
Under Blue Waters

By 9 October 2019 No Comments


Tanned and talented “Oil” Isawan Sutthinark is widely known
as the owner of Isawan bag brand and the founder of free-diving tour company Suntan Tour.
She’s sharing with us four amazing diving spots in Asia. 



I was impressed with this Southern Japanese island for its beauty and its laid-back people. The weather was beautiful and the sun was bright. The sea was crystal clear. Here, I met so many sea turtles and clown fish. I was told that in winter you can even spot whales. In addition to marine animals, the underwater world of Okinawa also features large caves which look spectacular when the sun shines through. You can also go paddle-boarding and enjoy other water activities. More importantly, the food is so fresh and delicious.


If you want to dive, sightsee and party, Bali is your best bet. Just a short distance from Bali, you can go to Nusa Islands. I recommend spending a night or two there, so you don’t feel too tired from travelling. You can enjoy the view and the iconic landmarks like Kelingking Beach and Angel’s Billabong. Under the sea, the corals are very colourful, and you will meet so many marine animals, like manta rays at Manta Bay. It’s an unforgettable experience. 


Togean Islands is quite tricky to get to – it took me around two days to get there. I had to fly from Bangkok to Jakarta, then take two more domestic flights. But it’s all worth it because the nature is wonderful and pure. The sea is clearer than the sea around the mainland, and the corals are colourful. Everything is livelier. If you want to come here, I recommend spending about a week.  


Surin Islands sparked my interest in opening my own diving tour company. I fell in love with its nature and started diving here. It’s not too far from Bangkok, and the locals are very nice and sincere. I’ve come here so many times that I’ve grown close to them, and I want to do something to help them make a living so they can be with their family in their hometown without having to go to the mainland. If you have a chance to be here, play with local kids in the morning, hop on a long-tail boat with local fishermen and go dive. If you’re lucky, you might see some sea turtles and baby sharks.