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The World is Waiting

By 8 July 2020 No Comments


Gazing at this beautiful world and dreaming of future trips, that’s the inspiration for Matthana Saetiaw, Associate Creative Director of GREYnJ United creative agency. Here are three iconic places that will give you more than just a memory.


Pokhara, Nepal

Nepal had long been on my list of dream destinations but I never really had the chance because it was hard to find travel buddies. I wanted to go trekking at the ABC (Annapurna Base Camp), one of the most popular treks in Nepal that mountaineers usually visit before advancing to the Everest Base Camp. Last year, my brother and his friends asked me if I wanted to join them, so I finally had the chance to see the majestic Himalayas with my own eyes. It took about seven days to go up and down, and each day we had to walk for 6-7 hours. It was quite tough, but the views made up for it. We saw waterfalls, creeks, bamboo groves, rice fields and villages on each day, and the weather was also diverse — sunny, rainy, foggy, and a bit of a hailstorm. The 7-day trip taught me just how amazing nature is, and how small and insignificant we are. It’s our responsibility to take care of the environment. On the way back, one of our trip members could no longer walk, so we had to get a helicopter to get us out of there. It’s kind of like a scene from a movie, and it was quite a toe-curling experience when we passed through steep valleys.

Cadaqués, Spain

In my opinion, Spain is a wonderful destination for Asian visitors, especially its seaside cities. First of all, you can enjoy tapas before dinner, so you don’t have to wait until dinner to enjoy delicious treats. The food is also flavourful, with spiciness that is hard to find in other European cuisines. The people are also very friendly, fun and welcoming. I love Cadaqués which is by the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a small city and the atmosphere is really relaxing. In summer, the sea blends with the blue sky, and the horizon is breathtaking.  

Rajasthan, India

Many people say that you either love India or hate it. The extremity of the experiences is beyond imagination. I visited Rajasthan with a group of friends to check out the beautiful architecture, vibrant people and unique culture. It’s the first time that I prepared clothes to match the places, and my friends also went all out. What I love about India is the unexpected experiences. On our last day, we went to Jodhpur, and spoke to a 11-year-old. We asked him if he could take us to some local places, and the kid took us to his house. We weren’t sure at first, but thought it would be nice. When we got there, he served us tea and took us to his rooftop, which was beautiful. Here, most homes have a rooftop, and the experience was really unexpected.