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Every Day Is a Holiday

By 11 December 2019 No Comments


Lifestyle and travel blogger “Guy” Ratchanont believes that every trip fuels his imagination and expands his horizons. Here are three cities that he recommends for photo lovers.


Cappadocia, Turkey

It’s an old city that never feels old, thanks to its free-form architecture which looks interesting from any angle. You can take photos anywhere and it will look unique, just what travellers look for. Another highlight of the city is getting up early for the hot air balloon ride. You can enjoy the fresh morning air and look at the city from a top view, which is very spectacular. The city’s colour comes alive in the morning sun and it’s beautiful beyond words. In addition to architecture, local handicrafts are also famous. You can find exquisite rugs and lamps here to take home with you as reminders of your memories here. I think this is a dream destination for those who like romantic places.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is different from other seaside cities. When visiting Bali, you get to enjoy the beach as well as Indonesian culture and traditions. The lifestyle here has just the right mix of everything — in the morning, you can visit temples and terraced rice fields in Ubud, or check out some architecture, and in the afternoon you can sail out to Nusa Penida for some amazing sea views. You can also dive or surf, and in the evening you can hang out in a bar or join a pool party as the sun goes down. There are many activities to choose from. It is such a wonderful place and I want to go there again. 

Varanasi-Bodh Gaya, India

It is an unforgettable place with great architecture, sculptures, food, traditional costume and people. Everyone is so friendly, especially to Thai people, and they really welcome visitors. You will be amazed by their lifestyle — you can spend hours observing them. The most memorable moment was when I sailed along the Ganges River in the morning. The experience took me back to my childhood when I read about the Ganges River in books. There’s more to the Ganges River than what’s written in books — you have to see for yourself.