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Grooming Trend: What Men Want

WHAT MEN WANT 5 cool looks for men this season to catch every woman’s attention FASHION EDITOR SANSHAI JIRAT SUBPISANKUL PHOTOGRAPHER ONG-ON UPA-IN STORY PILAN SRIVEERAKUL CUTE COLLEGE BOY Achieve a freshy college boy look with clear skin and simple natural short hair free from any hair styling products HOT BAD BOY Matte wax for a messy look to get a bad boy look. Don’t forget to shampoo afterwards to avoid clogging your scalp. SMART MAN A nerdy look can be incredibly sexy. Keep your hair naturally healthy. ITALIAN MEN STYLE For a posh and sophisticated look, you have to pay attention to every detail. Add a bit of wet look to your hair with gel or wax for perfection. K-POP IDOL To master the trendy Korean idol look, your hair must be outstanding. Add some volume and mess it up a bit. Clear and flawless skin is a must. EDITOR'S…
25 December 2017