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Grooming Story: 7 Commandments for Oily Skin

7 COMMANDMENTS FOR OILY SKIN Greasy skin, enlarged pores, and acne are classic skin concerns among men, but a lot of people are still handling them the wrong way. FASHION EDITOR SANSHAI JIRAT SUBPISANKUL PHOTOGRAPHER ONG-ON UPA-IN STORY PILAN SRIVEERAKUL What men do to their skin not only fails to treat their skin problems but also leads to other problems -- breakout, dark spots, and scars. Now it’s time to relearn skin-saving tips, and here are seven things you should do, always. 1. CLEANSE YOUR FACE TWICE A DAY You only need to cleanse your face twice a day. A lot of people misunderstand that cleansing their face with cleanser often will reduce the skin’s oiliness. It does the exact opposite -- cleansing the skin too often strips natural moisture off the skin, prompting the skin to produce even more oil. Cleansing your face often is not the answer. If…
12 December 2017