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Power Exclusive: Homegrown Handicrafts

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King Power Rangnam dedicated a part of its Level 3 to Thai Life Style Collection – a hub of Royal project merchandise as well as Community Power which is a project under KING POWER THAI POWER which aims to educate communities on how to improve their merchandise in order to better answer the demand of customers and promote the quality of life in the communities. OTOP and merchandise produced by local communities are displayed in Thai styled with a twist of contemporary environment at Thai Life Style Collection. Even better, Thai Life Style Collection merchandise here are blue-tagged which means they can all be picked up upon purchase (at King Power, duty free merchandise is tagged in white and once purchased, they will be delivered to the airport for collection before boarding.

In this issue, we put a spotlight on various premium Thai brands worth checking out in Thailand. DoiTung boasts simple yet charming local folk wisdom. With a mix of crafts which were passed down from generation to generation and new, their merchandise have been modernised contemporary design to attract new and younger generation.

If bamboo handicraft is your cup of tea, you may want to take a look at the remarkable works of Phanat Nikhom community where Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s SUPPORT Foundation steps in to help preserve their extraordinary folk arts from the generation of their ancestor. 

Another form of crafts worth supporting is ceramic ware of a pottery group in Nakhon Si Thammarat. Perfect for souvenirs, their works include souvenirs and miniature vegetables and fruits which were crafted with drawing of motifs and colouring of Benjarong. This project was initiated by Professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn, the president of Chulabhorn Research Institute, in 1993 in order to create jobs for villagers after the big flood disaster in 1988.

Thai Life Style Collection merchandise here are blue-tagged which means they can all be picked up upon purchase. No need to pick them up at the airport.

To keep up with flow of folk craft heritage continues, we would like to introduce ceramic work of A Lua Home. Delicately handmade yet functional, their merchandise fuses the old charm of vintage details and elegance with the modern day simplicity. 

Handloom in Sakon Nakhon, the capital of natural indigo craft, INDYGO is a go-to brand for those who love this special sort of blue. Their mudmee fabric is immaculately created with distinctive pattern to reflect the local way of life.  

Water hyacinth may threaten to choke the waterways for some. The villagers of Bangsai Sub-District, Banglen District in Nakhon Pathom Province have managed to reap economic benefits from these the aquatic weeds. With handcrafting skills, they turn them into fashionable merchandise including baskets, trays, boxes, pet’s homes, handbags and much more. Their works are ideal as souvenir for your eco-conscious friends.

Handloom in Sakon Nakhon, the capital of natural indigo craft, INDYGO is a go-to brand for those who love this special sort of blue.

ARAYA is a brand of local housewives of Hub Kraphong village in Phetchaburi. They earn their reputation as Sornnarai handicraft artisans. Boasting Top 5 OTOP ranking, Sornnarai is unique to Hub Kraphong due to its durability especially when absorbed with water and anti-mould property. ARAYA has a wide range of merchandise with a contemporary and colourful design.

Yan Li Pao is aptly named as their merchandise are exquisitely crafted from Yan Li Pao or fine strong vine of Li Pao plant with the weaving skills that were passed down from previous generations.

LONG GOY is an ear-catching brand’s name. It is a dialect of the northern part of Thailand meaning “to try” as an invitation to try to do something. Using local materials including indigo fabric, their merchandise retells the old distinctive story of Lanna in a new and contemporary fashion. 

Fai Dok Ploey is a brand of natural indigo fabric which is hand-dyed in northeastern process. Their merchandise include pants and shawls whose style are influenced by northeastern culture.

The last brand of this issue is Vaniche. Their dolls for kids are elaborately crafted into the shape of various animals using different embroidery patterns with a stress on the art of patchwork. Every doll is adorned with their signature red heart to imply that every animal has a heart. You might be pleased to know that a part of the sales of Vaniche merchandise will be donated to “Friends of the Asian Elephant” – Thailand’s first hospital for elephants.