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“EDITION” Cherish The Golden Love

By 7 August 2018 No Comments


@ King Power Rangnam

If you’re looking for a special gift for your mother, EDITION gold accessories brand, a partnership between King Power and Hua Seng Heng, has just what you’re looking for, whatever the occasion.

EDITION gold accessories are uniquely designed, with an aim to express feelings and stories through a special service — laser engraving for both messages and images, done on 96.5% gold. The brand offers this service free of charge on heart-shaped pendants, plain rings, design rings, and gold plates, and it takes only 20 minutes. The piece comes with a sophisticated box and a special card for you to write down your warm wishes.

EDITION is a gift from the heart that you can present to your mother. Pick a heart-shaped pendant and a necklace or a bracelet, and choose a heartfelt message. It makes a meaningful gift that lasts a lifetime. Get your gift for your mother today at EDITION, 3rd floor, King Power Rangnam.