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Meaningful Destination

By 8 January 2018 No Comments

Her role as Vogue Thailand’s fashion editor makes people think “Pook” Jongkol Palarit only travels to fashion capitals around the world. In fact, her favourite destinations are far more magical than we think.


“What I love most about Copenhagen is the lifestyle of the people here. It’s different from other European cities. People in Copenhagen are very aware and responsible for their community. They maintain cleanliness and they follow traffic rules. They are orderly in a way that doesn’t suffocate me or make everything feel too strict. It is also a very comfortable city to be in. The weather is cool all year round, so the homes are very warm and the designs are very unique. Its architecture focuses on functionality. There are many beautiful buildings designed by talented architects — and these are usually real people’s homes, not government buildings or offices. The furniture is also very nice. I remember being there in the summer and everyone was out in the sun. Everyone rode a bike, rich or poor. Some would bike their kid to school. On holidays, they would go picnic in a park or go to a museum. Museums in Denmark are not just places where you can appreciate art or seek knowledge — they are public places where people can come have fun and do activities. What I also love about Copenhagen is the food. Ten years ago, the food culture wasn’t like this. There were only sandwiches. Now  there are so many new restaurants to present good food to the community. It’s both delicious and creative, and the atmosphere is really nice.”


“I’d never imagined what Myanmar would be like because I’d never been there and I’d never really read about it. My trip to Myanmar turned out to be a wonderful time. The people there are very pure. They are devout Buddhists and they strictly practice Buddhism with a strong faith, free from materialism. When I was in Yangon, I saw the locals going to the temple. They looked so humble. When visiting Inle Lake, I took the train, and although it wasn’t convenient, the generosity I was shown along the way was very touching. When I arrived, I saw how the locals live around the lake. They are so natural — nothing artificial about it at all. Their homes are in the lake. They are real fishermen, like what I’ve seen in postcards. I was there during the New Year and the weather was perfect — the sky was clear and the wind was cool.  I didn’t really do much — I just looked at the locals. It was so pure. There were hardly any tourists around, so I felt a part of the scene.”


“Budapest is a tourist destination but it doesn’t feel like one. There are no major landmarks that people flock to. Budapest has been around for over a thousand year and there’s a great mix of cultures — Roman, Turkish, and European. The city is not too big — you can easily explore it by car. The Danube runs through the city, and the two sides of the river are different. On one side, there are mountains, ancient castles, and caves, but on the other side, there is a thriving city with government offices and opera houses where people go see performances. When I was there, I had a chance to see an opera. Another unique thing about Budapest is public thermal baths. It’s a Roman and ancient Greek culture that still continues today. When you’re inside, it’s incredibly relaxing and a great way to mingle with the locals.”

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