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Meaningful Destination

Her role as Vogue Thailand’s fashion editor makes people think “Pook” Jongkol Palarit only travels to fashion capitals around the world. In fact, her favourite destinations are far more magical than we think. COPENHAGEN, DENMARK “What I love most about Copenhagen is the lifestyle of the people here. It’s different from other European cities. People in Copenhagen are very aware and responsible for their community. They maintain cleanliness and they follow traffic rules. They are orderly in a way that doesn’t suffocate me or make everything feel too strict. It is also a very comfortable city to be in. The weather is cool all year round, so the homes are very warm and the designs are very unique. Its architecture focuses on functionality. There are many beautiful buildings designed by talented architects -- and these are usually real people’s homes, not government buildings or offices. The furniture is also very nice.…
8 January 2018