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Food & Drinks:
Cherish the Moment

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When the whole family gathers, there’s no better way
to celebrate than to go to a favourite restaurant to enjoy a special meal together




Tenshino Restaurant on the 2nd floor of Pullman Bangkok King Power is a perfect choice for family time. The Japanese restaurant combines bohemian chic design with a French bistro vibe, with luxurious decorations enhanced by a lush green bar, velvet upholstery, crystal chandeliers and beautiful paintings hung on the walls, creating a feeling of dining in an exclusive art gallery. Here, you can indulge in delicious Japanese and French dishes made with fresh ingredients and authentic cooking methods from Japan and France.

Start the meal with an authentic Japanese dish, “Snow Fish Yuzu Miso”. French snow fish is marinated in white miso for five days before grilling on oba leaves to add a delectable aroma. The dish is then topped with yuzu miso sauce, with spiciness from mustard and a nice aroma of barley. Yuzu peel adds a refreshing touch to the dish. The juicy fish is served on smoked oba leaves to lend a complex aroma. It is a delicious dish that is not too heavy.


White snow fish with mild saltiness from miso and a refreshing hint of yuzu peel, this dish is both creative and addictive.


Delicate and delicious Hokkaido uni is seasoned with black truffles, served with cold soba to elevate the taste.


Hokkaido uni is seared and served on perfectly grilled wagyu. The melt-in-the-mouth texture is enhanced by rich ponzu cream.

The second dish brings freshness from the sea. “Hokkaido Uni Cold Soba with Truffles” is made with Hokkaido uni, which is soft, sweet and slightly salty. It is served on a bed of cold soba, topped with shoyu mirin sauce which tastes just perfect. The flavour is enhanced by wasabi, salmon roe and premium French black truffles. It’s an haute cuisine twist on a traditional dish.

Next up is “Japanese Wagyu with Soya Butter and Roasted Bone Marrow”, made with Hokkaido uni, lightly seared on the outside to enhance the taste and scent. The uni is then served on medium rare wagyu steak, which comes with rich and aromatic creamy ponzu foam.

Then comes “Tuna Ceviche”, tossed in shoyu sauce and served with sake gelatin, topped with yuzu peel. When enjoyed with the salmon roe atop the dish, it gives a perfectly balanced flavour of the sea. 

Next is a dish that reminds you of home cooking: “Alaskan King Crabs Rice”. Chewy Japanese rice is cooked in crab stock, served with sweet and juicy Alaskan king crabs and traditional Japanese side dishes like pickled plum and shio kombu. It has an umami taste and refreshing vibe of the sea.  

Contemporary Japanese cuisine at Tenshino is an Asian and European experience made with seasonal ingredients. Each dish is packed with flavours and is an art of mixing taste with presentation. 


Sweet and juicy fresh tuna is mixed with shoyu sauce and served with sake gelatin, topped with shiny orange ikura or salmon roe.


Japanese rice steamed with crab stock, served with Alaskan king crabs, topped with shio kombu, resulting in an amazing flavour.


*Special thanks to Tenshino Restaurant, Pullman Bangkok King Power. For reservations, please call 0 2680 9999 or email H6323-FB5@ACCOR.COM. Tenshino Restaurant is open daily at 6PM-11PM. King Power members receive up to 20% on a la carte dishes.