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Food & Drinks:
Environment Calls

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If you really think about it, the origin of every dish is little things around you.




Food today is not just about delicious flavours — its environmental impact, natural look and feel, and its connection to the environment also matter as the trend is now back to nature.

Pullman Bangkok King Power defines The Junction as a lobby that serves as a cosmopolitan hub, co-working space, and food and beverage outlet. With modern decoration, it gives endless inspiration and relaxing atmosphere. Executive chef Dominique Ferchaud always comes up with new and exciting additions, and this time he presents healthy dishes made with nutritious and sustainable ingredients, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, minimally processed grains, and pure and simple cooking methods to maintain the ingredients’ natural goodness. 


Vegan burger with juicy plant-based protein made with mushrooms and beans, plus the same aroma and appearance as meat.


Cucumber’s light and refreshing scent reminds you of the smell of rain and lush green trees.

Start with a refreshing drink “Ophelia”, a cucumber smoothie that cools you down and has a hint of tanginess from green apple to whet your appetite. Rosemary reduces stress and eases your mind, getting you into a mood for food.

“Blue Sensation” is a purplish blue drink packed with antioxidants from blueberry and tropical pineapple, with a touch of lime juice for a citrusy twist.


Blueberries may be small but they are rich in anthocyanins.

“Three Teas” gives you a caffeine kick with black tea, green tea, and peach tea, while calming your senses with chamomile and basil, with a sweet hint of honey.

The main dish is a healthy alternative. “Vegan Burger — Beyond Meat Vegetable Burger with Waffles Potatoes” is made with non-GMO mushrooms and beans, free from meat, and served with fresh tomatoes, bread, vegan cheese, bell peppers, and lettuce, with a side of waffle fries topped with fried chili, kaffir lime, and lemongrass for a Tom Yam style twist.


Inject a sense of liveliness with the aroma of black tea, green tea, peach tea, chamomile tea and basil leaf.


Sausage made with mushrooms and beans has the same texture as meat sausage, providing a healthier and environment-friendlier option.


Quinoa salad tossed in kalamata olive oil. Kalamata olives are deep purple and are found in the sunny Mediterranean.

“Vegan Baguette Hotdog — Beyond Meat Sausage Mushroom and Vegetable” is a delicious vegan option that has the same texture and flavour as real sausage even though it is made with mushrooms and beans. It is served with baguette and topped with peanuts, cashew nuts, kaffir lime leaves and pickled cucumber. 

“Quinoa Salad and Grilled Vegetable with Black Kalamata Dressing” is made with quinoa, a superfood, served with grilled cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, and parsley, in Kalamata olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.  

Food is one of the natural resources of the world, and using seasonal ingredients means a lower environmental impact. Choosing food that is good for your health and minimally affects the environment is great for your health and well-being and promotes sustainability as well.


*Special thanks to The Junction, Pullman Bangkok King Power. For reservations, please call 0 2680 9999 or email H6323-FB2@ACCOR.COM