King Power Forges Ahead
Re-opening the Stores
Feeling Thankful that Thai People’s Support on Staying Home to Stop the Outbreak Policy

By 8 June 2020 No Comments

King Power – the world’s leading duty free retailer – is now re-opening both in-store and online stores under the new normal spurred on by COVID-19 outbreak. Currently, King Power has launched pro-active strategies through Thank You for Staying Save and Safe promotion campaign on www.kingpower.com and King Power app as a token of gratefulness to every Thai fellow for co-operating in unity to curb the pandemic spread. King Power also announced that the stores would stand by Thai people, store employees and trade partners in order to survive the crisis together.

At King Power’s physical stores, King Power expresses the gratefulness by offering services which put the cleanliness and hygiene as top priorities. Equipment is changed and additionally acquired to better the service area management. Customers would be able to feel and visibly see the difference and shop with confidence and comfort. The gratefulness is also extended to customers in the form of shopping privileges both online and in-store. Shop our wide array of Home Delivery selections and get 5% on-top discount and enjoy the convenience of free home delivery within 7 days. Furthermore, we have shortlisted covetable luxury fashion items which customers can shop at duty free prices without having to take any overseas trip and enjoy up to 20% discount together with free home delivery. We also offer a 100-Baht and 200-Baht dining coupon for use at Thai Taste Hub on Level 3 of King Power Rangnam for a 1,000 and 2,000-Baht shopping or more respectively throughout the month of June.

Since the COVID-19 spread took place, every King Power employee has turned into a professional online salesperson helping King Power’s business operation expanded online, benefiting trade partners, boosting family income for employees themselves and facilitating a safer shopping channel for customers. Moreover, King Power brand has gained more exposure online and customer base has been immensely expanded in Bangkok and other provinces.

King Power Group CEO Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha mentioned that the pandemic crisis in Thailand has been alleviated to the point that the number of patients is manageable for the state healthcare. This has been a united efforts of all Thai people who co-operated with the state policy of Stay Home and Stop the Spread. At the moment, the restrictions have been eased to let stores and restaurants open their door for services again while necessary health measures are still intact to curb the spread.

As one of the nation’s leading business operators, King Power Group’s plans for driving Thai economic recovery are in the pipelines according to the Group’s commitment of good governance in order to establish a sustainable development to fortify the strength of Thai society and communities.