A cool cocktail can help revive your freshness after a hard day’s work




Pullman Bangkok King Power presents drinks from Glen Bar, which is decorated with contemporary Thai motifs and iconic herbal liquor jars. Guests can enjoy jazz and Thai music which paints a relaxing vibe. Inside, there are many zones to choose from, whether you’re looking for a comfy couch for a party, a private corner on the mezzanine floor, or the counter bar where you can watch the award-winning mixologist Aekachai Khongsri prepare your Thai-style cocktails for you. It’s an experience that will impress anyone.

We begin the night with “Sud-Jai”, which is made with Thai rum and three other ingredients: Thai-style bael juice, Chinese pickled plum, and Western tonic. The flavour is unique but well-rounded. The drink is served in a gold bowl for a Thai twist.   

Next is “Sa-Nea”, a deep red cocktail created to elevate the status of roselle juice as a cocktail ingredient. It is made with Thai rum and smoked star anise to add depth to the drink. It is served in a silver bowl, which gives it a cool and refreshing vibe.

“Nam-Prung” is inspired by the Thai New Year. This cooling drink features an uplifting aroma of jasmine. The cocktail has a beautiful floral hint, and its bittersweet taste is really refreshing.


“Sud-Jai” is a rum-based cocktail with bael juice, pickled plum and tonic to create an international twist.


“Sa-Nea” is a Mekhong-based cocktail mixed with roselle juice and smoked star anise to add flavour and depth to this drink.


“Nam-Prung” cools down the heat with gin and a hint of jasmine.


“Rin Kam Lam Khong” tells the story of the Mekong River, with delicious blend of herbal tea consisting of galangal, lemongrass, and pandan as a base. Tamarind syrup and ginger syrup add sweetness to the drink.

“Rin Kam Lam Khong”, the winner of Mekhong Thai Spirit Cocktails 2018, highlights local Thai wisdom. Made with Mekhong Thai rum, it is inspired by the Mekong River. Flowing from the Golden Triangle, the river is a source of life that brings forth growth and abundance to whichever area it flows through. Hence, the cocktail infuses a blend of herbal tea consisting of galangal, lemongrass, and pandan as a base. Tracing its route, the Mekong River flows past Loei province, which is known for its excellent sweet tamarinds before reaching Ubon Ratchathani province–its last stop before leaving Thailand. Here, it gives life to the province’s renowned banana chips, another ingredient used in the cocktail. Mixing the ingredients together, the result is a unique flavour that conveys the abundance and fertility brought by the Mekong River.

“Southern Cooler” is inspired by the mixologist’s hometown in Phang Nga and his love for pineapple. The tropical drink fuses the delicious flavour of fruits and the sweetness of Chalong Bay Rum, which has a hint of basil leaf. The white foam at the top is a result of the mixologist’s expertise in mixing the drink.

The last drink is something befitting the Bangkok version of Carrie Bradshaw. Like how New Yorkers are represented by Cosmopolitan, Bangkokians are best described with “Siam Sunbeam”, which uses premium Thai rum, apricot brandy, cranberry juice, and a twist of lime juice and orange peel oil.

You will forget all about the heat once you sip on these cool drinks, creatively created and presented to illustrate beautiful stories of each ingredient.


“Southern Cooler” presents pineapple’s sweetness and reminds you of the Southern sea, with a hint of basil-scented rum.


“Siam Sunbeam” is a Thai version of the Cosmopolitan. It has a beautiful colour of cranberry juice, apricot brandy and premium Thai rum that gives it a unique taste.


*Special thanks to Glen Bar, Pullman Bangkok King Power, tel: 0 2680 9999,
Glen Bar is open daily at 6PM-1AM. *King Power members receive up to 15% discount on non alcoholic beverages.