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Exclusive Interview:
Extreme Traveller

By 9 October 2019 No Comments

For over a decade, Ray Macdonald
has been an icon in extreme travelling.


Ray Macdonald has explored tough terrains and unheard-of cities, getting to know different ways of life and presenting them through his shows. We’ve come to know him as an avid traveller. His travel shows are quite adventurous, with exciting moments that make the audience curl their toes from time to time. “Food Tribe” is a tough show to film, and there are always surprises.

“Food Tribe is a show that takes you to visit different tribes and how they live with nature. It’s a very tough show to film, and it’s so adventurous that sometimes I had to ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”. I visited Vanuatu and experienced a lot of things, from really difficult weather conditions to other dangers. I remember when I was on the plane, the door wasn’t properly closed, and the rain soaked
my feet. It felt more like a flying can, but eventually I made it.”

On that trip, he experienced a major storm and all the roads were cut off. He had to walk 7-8 km. and climb up mountains. He was stuck at the forsaken airport and luckily a grocery shop owner gave him something to eat.

There’s more to the trip than making it back home in one piece. All the challenges he encountered along the way become fun anecdotes to share with everyone.

“Visiting different tribes has allowed me to learn about their culture, food and how they live with nature. Everywhere I went, people were kind and welcoming — something I don’t see much in big cities.”

Ray is not just after excitement — he also likes urban experiences. He has visited almost every city in the world, but he realised he didn’t know his hometown that much, so he planned to get to know it better through “Tid Krung”, his latest show.

“I’ve been to so many places that sometimes I feel I know other places more than I know Bangkok. So, I want to know more about it. Bangkok is a multicultural city, and that’s the essence of the show. I want to present what Bangkok or Thailand is. Every neighbourhood has its own story, but I dig deeper as I want to understand it more — culture, architecture, or history. It’s fun and I want to keep exploring.”

Ray talked about his most recent project, which is a whimsical way of travelling. “I think there are many ways to travel. You don’t have to go far, maybe just explore your neighbourhood. Now that I have a child, travelling with my family is something different — it requires more planning, but it’s a lot of fun. Travelling with my crew is another experience. Recently, I’ve grown more interested in cultural stories because there are many beautiful surprises.”

He talked about travel that if you want to see the world, just go and don’t set expectations because there’s nothing definite in this world. As long as you open your mind and embrace the challenges, great experiences are within reach.