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Fashion Insider : The True Genius

THE TRUE GENIUS Alexander McQueen is a British fashion label by an iconic, imaginative, and inspirational fashion designer whose design is driven by his fascination with the beauty and savagery of the natural world. STORY TAWAN KONKAEW PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF BRANDS What’s your memory of this brand? Lady Gaga dancing in Alexander McQueen’s 10-inch stilettos in her video? The brand’s iconic skull scarf? The dreamy bridal gown worn by Catherine Middleton? These remarkable designs all reflect Alexander McQueen’s diverse characters. Lee Alexander McQueen, one of the most influential figures in the fashion industry, was born on 17 March 1969 in London. The son of a taxi driver and the youngest of six children, he grew up in a small house in East London. A future career in haute couture seemed far-fetched for him at the time. In less than 10 years McQueen became one of the most respected fashion designers in the world At the age of 16 he was offered an apprenticeship at the traditional Savile…
19 November 2017