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Sentimental Memory

By 25 December 2017 No Comments


Over the past several years, we have seen amazing fashion photography by Sootket Jiwpanit in Vogue Thailand. He’s famous for taking portraits and highlighting his subjects’ emotions.


“I prefer portraits to landscape pictures. Even when I take pictures of places, there are always people in them,” he said. He has taken many photos, and today he shares with us pictures that have
a special meaning to him.


“Paris is a romantic city, and I can feel that everywhere. It was a new thing for me at the time, seeing public displays of affection between men and women. I usually carried a film camera with me, and I took this picture because I was impressed with their openness. On the same day, I walked to Le Marais and saw a man trying to get his baby to sleep by humming. I could feel his love for his child, so I took a photo of them. I also saw an elderly couple talking, and when the lady got up, the gentleman tried to follow, but he was too slow. I thought about myself when getting old, I’d probably be slower than my partner, too. I like how older couples still take care of each other. It shows that love is eternal. I am touched to see old couples holding hands. When I work, I think of the fashion angle, so when I’m off work, I appreciate these simple moments.”


“I had a chance to travel to Mexico and visit Museo Soumaya, which displays works by Salvador Dali, one of my favourite artists. While I was exploring the museum, I spotted these two sculptures, one in a glass display box, and the other further out. They seemed to long to be close to each other. I don’t often see items displayed in such a way. I can’t remember the name of the work, but the emotion they evoked makes me remember that moment. Another picture that I like is one of a Mexican couple wearing red shirts. I saw them at a restaurant, and they had a very long conversation. Even when the server told them they’re closing and took their table away, they just sat there on their chairs and kept talking. In the end, they got up and left together. It’s like what happens around them can’t come between them.”


“I am familiar with this city and I love the simplicity of Brooklyn. The people here are laid back and very American. I often see pet dogs sniffing each other. In other places, their owners would just smile politely and walk away, or pull their dogs away from strangers’ dogs. Here, you can make a new friend just as your dog meets a new dog. The two people in this picture are the example of that. I saw these two dogs sniffing each other, and the owners just chatted with each other. I guessed they might even end up exchanging numbers.”

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