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Balancing Act

By 23 February 2018 No Comments


Modern socialite and heiress to Thailand’s top newspaper, “Mulee” Anchisa Watcharapol is always dashing and stylish every time she is spotted. Underneath her fashion-forward exterior, this young lady in her twenties is actually head over heels in love with nature.



“I was fascinated by the islands of the Republic of Mauritius. I visited them during Songkran holidays several years ago with my mother and sister. They are small islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, near Africa, surrounded by clear blue sea. When sailing out into the ocean, you can still see the sand underneath. The locals were also very friendly. When we walked past a fisherman village, the people would recommend where to go and they were very helpful. I also liked the place because it was the only place where I met several dolphins. I don’t know why, but here you can spot dolphins all year round. If you have a chance to visit, I recommend staying at 20 Degrés Sud, which is a small, lovely hotel painted in all white, like a Colonial holiday home. The sea at the private beach in front of the hotel is as clear as the swimming pool.”


“I love New Zealand because it has just the right mix between nature and city. There are outdoor activities on weekdays and weekends, but one of the things I loved most was driving from Queenstown to Lake Wanaka. There are two routes to take — the easy way which is quite a detour, and the direct way on Crown Range Road which is a little riskier. Crown Range Road is the highest main road in New Zealand, and while it does bring challenges, the views are worth it. In Queenstown, there’s also a beach where you can find sea lions sunbathing. I love watching them — they are so adorable.”


“London is my second home. When I studied there, London completely changed me. From a girl who didn’t know how to take care of herself, I had to learn to live alone, cook, and study on my own, among other things. I have so many memories with this city — it’s a dream city for many people. Getting around is so convenient, and there are many hangout spots — hip stores and cool cafes to nightclubs, as well as theatres and public parks. I particularly loved Hyde Park, and spent a lot of my time there because it was close to where I lived. In the afternoon, I would go buy food and wine for a picnic with friends. We would talk and laugh. Sometimes I would play with dogs at the park. Those were some happy moments. If I was alone, I would sometimes just sit and watch the trees by the pool. I don’t know why, but I was never tired of them.”