9 Adrenaline-Pumping Activities
To Quench Your Thirst of Adventure

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We are still not leaving Phuket – the pearl of Andaman Sea – where there is no shortage of things to do and see. Fresh off the heels of giving you a lowdown on beach hopping and local eats on the island, we now present you with some outdoor activities to get your heart thumping. Whether you come here alone, with your partner or in big group of family/friends, read on for an edit of awesome things to do for thrill seekers.

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1. Go snorkelling and discover the beauty of the underwater world

Phuket is definitely home to pristine pearlescent sandy beaches surrounded by azure blue waters but not all are ideal for snorkelling to catch a close up glimpse of rich marine life that populate the reefs. We recommend these secluded havens of peace that are simply a snorkeller’s dream – not too crowded with some beautiful ridges.

Ultimate spots for snorkelling Ao Sane Beach, Ya Nui Beach, Ka Ta Noi Beach, Laem Singha Beach, Sawan Beach, Kluai Beach, Laem Ka Beach or you may venture a bit further to Phuket’s satellites including the famous Coral Island, Similan Island, Phi Phi Island, Khai Island and Bon Island.

Recommendation It is best to consult the local or a tour guide before taking the plunge if there is any specific time or spot to avoid diving especially during low season. We highly suggest you bring your own snorkeling gear in case there is no rental on the spot. Another reason is that your own gear would fit you well with better hygienic safety.

2. Ride the waves at Kata Beach

For those who are looking to dive into marine adventure, surfing is always the most popular choice. Kata Beach attracts surfers as it is known for the most wave-riding action in Phuket. Beginners may find surfing a little challenging but the good news is mostly the waves here are not that huge.

Ultimate period to surf Surfing is best from May to October when it happens to be the wettest time of year. Aside from being able to catch awesome waves, you can take advantage of low season’s hotel rates.

Recommendation You would find several board rental shops and surf schools on Kata Beach with each having different selling points. It is best to focus on their safety policies and seek lessons from experienced trainers with proficiency and skills. It is vital that surfers should know some survival basics and should be a strong and confident swimmer.  While it may look difficult to successfully ride waves, it is not too difficult to get a hang of.

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3. Enjoy a beach party vibe all year round at Surf House Phuket

Surf House Phuket is certainly every surfer’s dream. Here you can ride the waves all year round regardless of the tide and season. The highlight of this vibrant place is its so-called flowrider which is a wave-generating machine. It is a place to be for rookies or pro-surfers or any one who wants to have a good time with family.

Recommendation While there is no need to be a real swimmer, there is a minimum height requirement for riders; 170 cm for bodyboarders and 122 cm for flowriders. Anyone can be a rider here with trainers are on standby at the venue for safety and close monitoring on young riders.

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4. Let wakeboarding thrill the adventurer in you

Wakeboarding is quite a new sport but it is catching up. This edgier sport has a little bit of water-skiing, snowboarding and surfing mixed in there. One of its charms is that riders can creatively come up with exciting moves but it takes a lot of guts and mind control. There is quite a number of wakeboarding venues in Phuket but the one boasting ample space, complete amenities, restaurant service and accommodation is Phuket Wake Park – Asia’s best wake park.

Recommendation You must be a strong and confident swimmer with essential gears including wet suit made for flexibility and endurance and buoyancy vest. Another indispensable gear for surfers is helmet to prevent head injury. Rookies may opt for kneeboarding first to learn the right balance before taking wakeboarding as your next step.​

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5. Board the parachute and soar up in the sky above the blue sea

Patong Beach is the hotspot for parasailing in Phuket. The sight of rider tied only to a speedboat ascending to the air at the height roughly equivalent to that of a 5-storey building usually lures daredevils to have a go at it. Experience a rush as you strapped on to a parachute and get towed by a speedboat. The 360-degree panorama over the water from high up is spectacular. Like all adventure sports, there is an element of danger inherited in this exhilarating experience. Your safety largely depends on the operator and it’s equipment so do not compromise your safety for low price offers. There is always room for two riders to go up together provided that the combined weight does not exceed the limit.

Recommendation Acrophobia may have to give this a pass but if you want to get an adrenaline hit, just go for it.

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6. Conquer your fear! Strap in and navigate a zipline course at Hanuman World

Get your adrenaline rush at this aerial playground – Hanuman World Phuket – that is all the rage at the moment. This eco-elevated adventure offers great fun of ziplines, rappelling and spiral staircases while capturing a breathtaking scenery of Phuket, the Andaman Sea or Phi Phi islands down below. If you are not keen on that sort of excitement, you can enjoy traverse Thailand’s highest sky bridges above the dense forest. Check out their jungle roller coaster, feel the heady rush of whooshing through 800-metre route at the speed of 40 kilometres per hour. Have fun worry-free aerial fun with their highly-trained and professional staff.

Recommendation Prepare yourself physically and mentally. Adhere to the safety instructions and policies. Choose proper attire which offers flexibility and suitability for outdoor activities. Weight limit is capped at 120 kilogrammes. Not for the acrophobia.

7. Set your pulse racing with Song Phraek River whitewater rafting

You may wonder whether this is possible in Phuket since there are no big rivers on the island. However, Phang Nga which is its neighbouring province is actually great for rafting adventure. Tackle the rapids with natural ramps and sudden swoops for some excitement while admiring the wilderness wonders as the backdrop. The action is available all year round but the best time is during the rainy season from June to November. You may wrap up this trip with a waterfall bathing experience at Ton Pariwat Waterfall or an exploration of a cave nearby.

Recommendation Advance planning with a tour guide must be arranged. Expect to get wet so choose proper attire that offers flexibility and comfort. Recommended are shorts, tee shirts and suitable shoes or shoes made for beach walking. You should bring a compact waterproof crossbody bag to store personal belongings, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent spray, swimwear, towel, waterproof camera and some small changes just in case.

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8. Tear through the rugged terrain of Phuket on an ATV ride

Whether you are new to riding or an experienced pro, you could all have a blast. What better way to explore the lush of the jungle than on an all-terrain vehicle? This is great fun for family outing, if you are bold enough to challenge this adventure. Be prepared to bump along rough and rugged mangroves and beaches and tear through dirt and mud trails. There are several operators in Phuket to choose from.

Recommendation Prepare yourself physically and mentally. Adhere to safety instructions and policies. Drivers should refrain from driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol and medicines. Not recommended for pregnant women. Expect to get wet and messy so wear water-repellent sneakers, sunscreen lotion, a hat, sunglasses and insect repellent spray.

9. Surf without waves on the streets

As a national pastime since the onset of pandemic, omnipresent surfskating still has a long way to go especially in Phuket where it has been a sport of choice for quite some time even before the craze took the country by storm. It is a good way to past the time and practice surfing techniques while waiting for the waves. Surf culture has now turned into a subculture where we see surfskating tickles almost everyone’s fancy. You, too, can be a surfskater! Just go grab a board and skate around for sightseeing.

Ultimate spots for surfers
Reun-Rom Cafe Their smooth flat floor appeals to all skaters. Budding skaters can also get on basic lessons from friendly and seasoned surfskaters.

Rainbow Street in Patong Make your way here if you are looking for an Instagram-worthy spot to showcase your surfing tricks.

Kata Beach Cruise freely on your board along scenic beachfront road. Keep in mind though of the traffic as well as people taking photos or selfies to avoid injuries.

Surin Beach Catch a breathtaking view while gliding along its green flat path. Ideal for early morning or evening when the weather gets a little cooler. If you get there in the evening, you can also stroll an evening market.

Saphan Hin Take a breezy ride in this seaside park with ramps and rails in place for skill practice.

Recommendation Be sure to take safety precaution by wearing helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards to protect you from bumps and scrapes which are, of course, all part of learning to surfskate.

Phuket is blessed with natural abundance making it an ideal holiday destination. We are confident that everyone would have special memories to take home from your holiday.