Feel the charms of Phuket,
the destination that never fades away from memories

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An inspiration seeker’s quest has started. Feel the charms of the beaches that are more beautiful than ever. Feel the touch of civilisation through the course of time in “Phuket”, the destination with the breeze of joy, memorable beaches, and the experience that will make you fall in love over and again. The appeal of a journey will never end.

Visit three beaches in Phuket without leaving the mainland!

Get lost by the simplicity and privacy at “Yanui Beach”.

Yanui Beach is a hidden and serene beach on the way from Laem Phromthep to Nai Lan Beach. Years ago, this beach would not have been known by many. Apart from its simplicity and pristine nature, this fine sandy beach with its splendid curve, coupled with the surrounding indigo blue sea, has captured everyone’s heart these days. With a handful of tourists, this beach offers you with privacy. What could be more enjoyable than lying down on the sand and read your favourite books or spend some quality time doing family activities. All these simply turn Yanui Beach into a paradise on earth.


Take the road heading towards Laem Phrom Thep and drive downhill by 2 kilometres. There is a free parking space on the seaside. Ya Nui Beach is best visited in the evening because you could ride a kayak and witness the last of the sun. The view of the huge red sun that gently touches the sea surface will be one of your memorable moments.

Unleash your adrenalin with the adventures at “Patong Beach”

For those who are keen on the vibrant nightlife and water sports, Patong Beach is your major destination. Extending for 9 kilometres in a U-shape, with the hill ridges at both ends, Patong Beach is a safe harbour from the wind and strong waves. The azure water is perfect for water sports, including jet skiing, parachuting, speed boat, sailing, and many more. With numerous shops and restaurants lined up on both sides, Patong Beach is a perennial favourite among tourists from every corner around the world. It is not surprising why Patong is the most well-known beach in Phuket.


Patong Beach is 15 kilometres away from downtown Phuket. Take Songkhram Wichit Road (4020), turn left onto 4029 Road, take another left turn towards Patong Beach onto 4233 Road. You would find a plenty of parking spaces along this road. Tourists can hire a long-tailed boat to the surrounding islands.

The most astonishing surf spot at “Kata Beach”

Kata is a small beach on Phuket’s southern coast. The beach is just 1.5 km long and has a crescent shape, with a crab statue as its landmark at the front. Kata Beach is broken down into two areas: Kata Yai and Kata Noi, which are split by a 500-metre rocky peninsula. Kata Beach is recognised in general for its crystal blue waters and beautiful coral reefs that reach through to Koh Pu. This beach attracts divers and surfers due to its mild breeze and wave.


From downtown Phuket, take 4021 Road southward, turn right at the roundabout to 4028 Road, turn left to Soi Khok Tanot before making a short right turn to Kata Road, and turn left again to Soi Pak Pang along Kata Beach. Parking space is always available.

Immerse in the last ray at “Krathing Cape”

Krathing Cape is one of the best sunset viewpoints of Phuket. Located in Karon Sub-district, Mueang Phuket District, the cape is characterised by a sail-shaped rock protruding towards the sea, the symbol of Krathing Cape that all visitors come to take a picture. Despite the difficult access, tourists are guaranteed with the unforgettable memory of a sunset on the rocky plain, the panoramic view, the lush meadow against the steep cliff, and the cool breeze. This is a perfect spot to wind down amidst the sound of shutters and the vibe of the crowd to warm your heart.


Visitors have two options to choose from. The first one starts from Ban Krathing Resort where you could walk along the wall of the resort, the beach, and the rocky pathway for about 800 metres (entry fee applies). Another route requires you to park your vehicle at Pha Hin Dam parking lot and take a four-wheel truck to the walkway. Take a 20-minute stroll or about 300 metres (tour guide vehicle service charges apply).

Don’t forget to check in at the landmark of “Phrom Thep Cape”

Phrom Thep Cape is on the southernmost of Phuket, 2 kilometres from Rawai Beach. It is one of the most beautiful sunset spots on the island. It is the reference sunset time of Thailand. Without dropping in on Laem Phrom Thep, it is almost considered that one has not truly been to Phuket because the spectacular view of the Andaman Sea from this viewpoint is a highlight that must be stored in one’s memory. The golden light and dark sky in the evening is something you cannot miss.


From downtown Phuket, take 4021 Road southward, turn to 4021 Road for some distance towards Rawai Beach, enter 4233 Road along Rawai Beach, and follow the direction to Phrom Thep Cape, with a total distance of 18 kilometres.

Trace down the past at Phuket Old Town with “Sino-Portuguese architecture”

Earning a reputation as an important seaport of southern Thailand since old time, Phuket has long been attracting various products, peoples, cultures, and the Sino-Portuguese architecture. These old-fashioned buildings reflect the glorious days of Phuket from past to present. Phuket today is rich with historical attractions in the downtown area from Phuket Road to Krasatri Road. Both sides of the road are dotted with numerous galleries, souvenir shops, local stores, local eateries, and well-known old coffee shops. If you wish to explore arts, culture, and genuine lifestyle of Phuket people, Phuket Thai Hua Museum is the place to go. Here the city’s stories from past to present are chronicled for the new generations.

Geared up to make your trip one of the most memorable one full of smiles, “Phuket” – the Pearl of the Andaman – is ready to craft splendid moments for travellers once again with an emphasis also put on safe travel experience. King Power hopes that your trip to Phuket would pleasantly delight you endlessly as always.