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What a Wonderful World

By 7 August 2018 No Comments


Three exquisite countries filled with cultural memories experienced by “Plub” Chatbencha Nandhabiwat, a talented lady who used to work for luxury brands like Blumarine, Chloé and Tod’s. These destinations, according to her, are worth a visit once in a lifetime.


Shiraz has been the hub of trading and culture in the Middle East for over a thousand years, and there are many beautiful places like Arg-e Karim Khan, a large citadel in the city, and Bazar-e Vakil, one of the most famous historical and traditional bazaars of Iran. I was particularly impressed with Nasir al-Molk Mosque or the Pink Mosque, which I personally think is the most beautiful mosque ever. The pink tiles covered with roses created a different sight from other mosques in Iran, which are usually blue with geometric patterns. The most picturesque spot is the hall where the entire wall is decorated with coloured mirror. When light shines through, it’s beautiful like a dream.


Vienna is another favourite place of mine, because there are so many museums for classic and contemporary art. I spent four days there and didn’t manage to cover them all. There’s also a Spanish Riding School where you can watch horses dance to music. When in Vienna, don’t forget to watch an orchestra concert or an opera at the Vienna Opera House. It doesn’t matter which show you pick — Vienna is the capital of music and home to classical musicians like Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Beethoven, and Brahms.


Marrakesh is the ultimate destination for fashion and culture lovers. For me, its beauty is in eclectic mix of various cultures. For fashion lovers, don’t miss the Yves Saint Laurent Museum which was launched just last October, right next to Jardin Majorelle where the designer used to reside. The blue building contrasts beautifully with the greenness of the cactus trees. Every corner is simply breathtaking. Outside, Rue Yves Saint Laurent has many cool shops to explore. At night, visit Marrakech souk or night market. If you have a chance, try eating sheep brains, which taste kind of like burrata cheese.