King Power Thai Power takes pride to introduce Phu Klon – another brand which supports sustainability for Thai communities. Phu Klon started off with a business related to trekking tour operator in Mae Hong Son when they stumbled upon Thailand’s best source for health mud. This mineral mud had been developed further and launched under the brand of “Phu Klon or Phu Klon Country Club” which is now ranked in the world’s top 3 best health mud spa. Apart from this health mud spa, Phu Klon also boasts the best source of natural mineral spring water for health and spa and now it is one of the destinations under the Unseen in Thailand campaign. Their product lines embrace several spa and beauty items which are popular among Thai and international customers; especially Chinese and Japanese.

Phu Klon spa and beauty products are natural blend enriched with minerals which were sampled and laboratory proved for minerals at Thermalium Luxeuil Laboratories in France. Phu Klon also uses local Thai herbs including curmin, sesame essential oils and honey in crafing their facial, hair and body care products.

Phu Klon Managing Director Watcharapong Klinpraneet Country Club Co., Ltd. talked about how the brand attracted King Power. He said, “Around 5-6 years ago, we had an opportunity to participate in OTOP City Fair and King Power at that time was also looking for an outstanding local community brand and we caught their eyes. In the beginning, only 3 products of Phu Klon were distributed at King Power’s airport stores; pure mineral mud spa powder, pure mineral water beauty spray and mud cream bath, all of which were met with warm reception. We received constant order from King Power. Every year, we launched new items and they keep on supporting us putting more and more of Phu Klon products on their shelves online and in-store both domestically and internationally. Currently, King Power carries over 12 items of Phu Klon from skin nourishment, mud cream, anti-wrinkle mineral hot spring water, foundation cream with SPF, shampoo to hair serum.

PHU KLON Youth Facial Mineral Silk Plus Organic Rose Serum 30 ml (1,245 Baht) SHOP NOW
PHU KLON Pure Mineral Water Spray 250 ml (350 Baht) SHOP NOW
PHU KLON Mineral Hair Spa Shampoo Anti Hairloss 500 ml (690 Baht) SHOP NOW
PHU KLON Mineral Hair Spa Serum For Anti Hair Loss 40 ml (1,330 Baht) SHOP NOW 

PHU KLON Detoxifying Black Mud Mask 50 ml (890 Baht) SHOP NOW
PHU KLON Facial Mineral Black Mud Foam 100 g (360 Baht) SHOP NOW
PHU KLON Mud Cleansing Bar 100 g (160 Baht) SHOP NOW

“We aim to develop sustainability in the local communities and we put emphasis on local labour and that is why we have been in the business for over 20 years. Thank you King Power – our partner in this road to local sustainability”.

Phu Klon is ready to offer you the ultimate Thai spa experience with international standards. or Tel. 0 5328 2579 and 0 850 353 152 Line: @phuklon

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.