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Fashion Insider: Gentle and Soft

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An inspiration for classic luxury with a touch of ease and effortlessness, Hugo Boss is a style that doesn’t try too hard but is still sophisticated





Hugo Boss started his eponymous clothing company in 1924 in a small town called Metzingen in Germany, 30 km south of Stuttgart. Initially, the company produced durable and practical work clothing, sportswear and raincoats for men, and was supplier for Nazi uniforms. After the end of the war, in which Germany lost, the brand shifted its focus. After the founder’s death in 1948, Hugo Boss’s son-in-law Eugen Holy took over ownership in 1950 and the company started to turn its focus from uniforms to men’s suits, which turned the company profitable once again. In 1969, Eugen retired, leaving the company to his sons Jochen and Uwe, who began international development and later made the brand Hugo Boss a registered trademark in 1977. In 1984, the first Boss branded fragrance appeared. After that, Hugo Boss continued growing, and as of 2017, Hugo Boss is sold in 126 countries, with 364 boutiques and over 1,000 retail points.

Branching out into smaller brands is a popular move among big companies. Let’s get to know the family tree of Hugo Boss brands to avoid confusion. BOSS is the most classic line, produced in Germany. The brand was launched in 1970 for menswear, with an addition of womenswear in 2000. BOSS Orange includes both menswear (1999) and womenswear (2005). From the Spring/Summer 2018 collection BOSS Orange will be known as BOSS Casual. BOSS Green includes golf-style active clothing in both men’s wear (2003) and women’s wear (2010). From the Spring/Summer 2018 collection BOSS Green will be known as BOSS Athleisure. HUGO includes both menswear and womenswear in casual and modern style.

This summer, BOSS presents Summer of Ease, with American-Romanian star Sebastian Stan as the presenter.

A must-have item in this collection is the
double-breasted jacket which is
soft, light and wrinkle-free, great even for warm summer days.

This summer, BOSS presents Summer of Ease, with American-Romanian star Sebastian Stan as the presenter. “I’m inspired by many things, it could be a good book or even the sun being out.” In this collection, Ingo Wilts, Chief Brand Officer of Hugo Boss, is inspired by sailing and the changing colours of the sky and sea. The hues are translated into the main colours for this collection, white, light grey, dark grey, camel, red, and navy. The fabrics are light cotton, linen, silk and flimsy leather. The brand’s iconic coats are designed to be more contemporary.

A must-have item in this collection is the double-breasted jacket which is soft, light and wrinkle-free, great even for warm summer days. It is sleek and elegant, befitting a tasteful gentleman. A formal jacket can be paired with loose shorts. There are many little details that make the collection appealing, from the printed scarf to the belt buckle inspired by an anchor to give a feeling of sailing out into the ocean. For bags, a new “HBNY” logo is emblazoned on a big brown leather bag and a nylon drawstring pack. All the pieces in this collection reflect sophistication and effortlessness, with a hint of formality, like a captain who’s in love with the sea and true to his true needs.

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