Sometimes you learn the hard way that acne is not just for teenagers

Many people assume that after their teenage years, acne will be a thing of the past. But in reality, way into adulthood, acne keeps bothering you, popping up when you least expect it.


Acne is caused by androgen, which triggers sebum production. When a pore becomes clogged, it is called a comedo (single for comedone). In your teenage years, you’re most likely to get acne, because your hormones are running rampant. However, getting older doesn’t make you safe from acne. Using expensive cleanser doesn’t guarantee your skin will be acne-free, and washing your face often doesn’t do the trick either.

In addition to hormone imbalance, stress, lack of sleep, and external factors such as dirt, UV rays and chemicals can also trigger acne. Stress makes your body produce more hormones, which in turn trigger sebum production of your skin.

To prevent this, gently scrub your skin once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells. Remember you must do it gently, and choose fine beads to avoid hurting your skin.


If you want to have clear skin, here are some simple tips you can try.

1. Leave your skin alone and always handle it gently. Many people are mistaken that keeping the skin squeaky clean can help prevent acne, and therefore wash their face many times a day. This only irritates the skin and stimulates acne. Do not wash your face more than three times a day, and when you do, be gentle. Scrubbing the skin harshly doesn’t make the skin cleaner or remove the acne. After washing your face, use a towel to dab the skin lightly. Do not rub it because rubbing a towel on your skin can irritate it.

2. Choose oil-free skincare and make-up. If you’re not sure, dab it on your skin and rub gently. If the skin becomes shiny, the product contains oil, and you should avoid it. If it remains matte, the product is water-based and is safe to use on acne-prone skin.

3. Acne can be caused by clogged pores. Dead skin cells pile up in your pores, blocking the way of your oil glands. To prevent this, gently scrub your skin once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells. Remember you must do it gently, and choose fine beads to avoid hurting your skin. Before scrubbing, put water on your skin, and rub gently. Let the beads work their wonder and rinse out the scrub without using your hands to wipe it off.

4. Dr. Thidakarn Rujipattanakul, Samitivej Hospital’s dermatologist and anti-ageing specialist, said that if you have acne-prone skin, try to limit dairy products, simple carbohydrates, and sugary foods to a minimum, as these foods spike up the sugar level. The body responds by pumping out higher levels of insulin, and the result of that is that your sebum production will head through the roof. This is how acne is caused.



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