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Exclusive Interview: Mellow Mario

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It has been a full decade since Thai people laid their eyes on the handsome young Mario Maurer
for the first time in The Love of Siam. He has since then become a rising star in Thailand’s
entertainment business, and you can’t tell from his look that this young-looking man is actually 29.
Many years has passed, but Mario remains as sweet as ever.

Mario has recently taken on a new role as King Power presenter. He admits frankly, “I’m very excited and honoured. I’ve worked with King Power several times in fashion shoots and events, but now as a presenter, I am sure my fans, both Thai and Chinese, will see more of me.”

If you’re a fan of Mario from the beginning, you will know that he’s grown significantly as an actor. He doesn’t make a show of it — he leaves it to his fans to decide. Rather, what he loves about his experience is how it has taught him to be patient and strong.

“In the beginning, I was really young, and I took for granted what I was doing. Sometimes I didn’t put in a lot of effort or I would complain about being tired. After a while, I looked at my mother, a working woman and a true fighter now in her 70s, and I saw that she never gives up. It inspires me to try harder. I always tell myself there’s no reason not to fight, and nothing is too hard if I put my mind to it.”

This is why Mario hardly ever turns down any opportunity that comes his way. Recently, he overcame a challenge, by singing the soundtrack of Banlang Dok Mai.

“Many people had approached me to sing, but I turned down the offers because I’d tried it and was told that I wasn’t any good, so that kind of scarred me. But with my friend’s support, I decided to give it a try. I overcame my fear and sang the soundtrack for the first time. Although this song isn’t that famous, for me it’s a success — I’ve overcome my insecurity.”

With such strong passion, it’s not a surprise to see him as one of the most successful actors in Thailand. Sometimes he works seven days a week. In his free time, he devotes it to his favourite hobby — riding a motorcycle. Don’t let his innocent look fool you — he is a serious rider. He explores various places on his motorcycle and it is his dream to visit Germany, the country of automobile. But if he has to recommend a destination for our readers, he picks Vatican City.

“As a Christian, Vatican City is the ultimate place. It is sacred. It has beautiful arts. Even if you’re not a Christian, it is a great place to visit. Every time I travel, I have King Power as my companion. The zone I always check out is the watch, sunglasses and cologne zone. King Power makes travelling much easier. I can buy high-quality products and feel assured that I get the best prices. It’s a one stop shopping destination because there’s everything I want.”

Mario ended the interview by inviting his fans to experience the new King Power Rangnam, designed for every lifestyle need. Whether you’re looking for world-class brands, full-scale entertainment or delicious dishes from around the world, it’s all here at King Power Rangnam.


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