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Exclusive Interview: Dive Deep Into Passion

By 23 March 2018 No Comments


Many have forgotten the real name of “Pong” Nawat Kulrattanarak — he’s better remembered for his role as Rerk of Phloeng Boon. Pong is incredibly proud of this role, and even though the drama has already ended, his fans will continue to see him often thanks to his role as King Power’s presenter once again. Impressed by the new look of King Power Rangnam, Pong can’t resist taking a tour.

“I had a chance to walk around King Power Rangnam before the renovation process was completed. I was surprised how fast the renovation was, and I am not disappointed with the results. It looks amazing and inviting. Additionally, it offers a great culinary experience from around the world. You shouldn’t miss the Thai Taste Hub zone which features top eateries in Thailand, including my Ayutthaya-style barbecued prawn restaurant.”

Speaking of food, which is clearly his passion, Pong tells us about his new business with his friends.

“We’d opened a restaurant together called The Raw Bar, which brings in the best seafood from around the world. When I found out that  King Power was introducing a new zone, I had an idea to open a new restaurant with my friends called Kung Phao Ayutthaya because I wanted to present Thainess to go with the concept of Thai Taste Hub. Ayutthaya is famous for its barbecued prawns. I am from Ayutthaya. I want to offer this proud cuisine to Thais and visitors, especially Chinese people, without them having to travel all the way to Ayutthaya. Here, they can try delicious barbecued prawns with my mother’s dip recipe.”

Pong also invites everyone to experience the new King Power Rangnam, which Pong says is an endless journey with many new things to explore, because King Power never stops bringing new products and experiences to its customers.

King Power is associated with travelling, and Pong is an avid traveller himself. So, what’s the ultimate dream destination for him?

“I want to go to every place I’ve never been to, but if I have to pick just one, it’s the Galápagos Islands. I go diving at Koh Tao almost every month. I’ve been diving for years, and the Galápagos Islands are my ultimate diving dream. I’ve been told that if you’ve done diving at Galápagos Islands, your mission is completed as a diver. Everyone says it’s so beautiful and I want to see it with my own eyes.”

As a traveller, while he has many travel companions, his favourite is King Power.

“Everytime I travel, King Power is my buddy. Whatever I need, I can find it here. When I travel, I always check out the sports and IT zones. I don’t have to go shopping at malls anymore — I can just do my shopping at King Power both at Rangnam and at the airport.”

Pong wraps up the interview by talking about his new drama, Kahol Mahorathuek, a suspense drama which will see him as a policeman. Stay tuned.