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Behind the Scene: Tastefully Thai

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“Thainess” captivates people around the world, and this fashion set
will make you love Thainess even more than ever

This issue of Power magazine invites you to appreciate Thai-style fashion in a new and contemporary light. The modern look is achieved by the creativity of stylist Sanshai Jirat Subpisankul, presented by celebrated actress from Bad Genius “Aokbab” Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying.

“This is Mother’s Day issue, so I want to present Thainess beyond Thai silk. I think of Thai products beyond Thai textiles — accessories like bags and wickery can present Thainess in a contemporary and international way,” said the stylist.

Although Sanshai has done several Thai-style fashion sets, it is always challenging to make it interesting, especially in this set in which he wants to present Thainess in various aspects through new colours and textures. Renowned photographer “Tuang” Waroon Kiettisin is a part of this dream team, working with him to present the beauty of Thai-style products.

“I use lighting technique, composition and modern poses to make Thainess more modern. This is my kind of style. I’ve worked with Sanshai several times, so I’m not worried. Aokbab has an international look, and she’s a professional model. Her poses are gorgeous, and her eyes are very expressive. All of this will make this set turn out well,” said the photographer.

Hearing such compliments made our model smile. Her mother also came to the set to support her. Her day went off to an exciting start — her car nearly ran out of gas on the way to the studio, but she made it. After light breakfast, she got dressed in Thai textile outfits and transformed from a beautiful girl to a stunningly chic woman.

“I am familiar with this team, but I can’t help feeling excited. My makeup artist Surapre Achirakul transformed my skin from fair to tan, and it goes well with the set. I’ve only done a few shots, and I’m already excited to see what it will look like.”

She talked about her experience with Power magazine. This is not her first time working with Power, but it’s the first time in a Thai theme. “I love it. Sometimes when we talk about Thainess, even Thai people don’t know what it means. I didn’t really prepare anything for today — all I know is I will try my best because this set will not only be shown to Thai people but everyone around the world. I want them to appreciate Thainess and see the beauty of it,” said our chic model.