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Grooming Story:
5 Grooming Secrets

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Beat five concerns for men with these grooming secrets

1. Thinning hair is hard to manage and makes you look old  

Thinning hair can really ruin your total look and make you look much older than you really are. It’s even worse for those who have fine hair. Try using volumising shampoo to (temporarily) add volume to your hair and give it a thicker look. When it comes to styling, avoid products that weigh down the hair, like wax, pomade and wet look gel. These products make the scalp greasy and the hair flat. Try clay products to give it a matte look or use volumising spray. More importantly, avoid using too much hair styling products because in this hot and humid weather the products might melt and make the hair looks even flatter. 

2. Large pores, dull skin and wrinkles  

These problems can be solved just by changing how you touch your skin. Always be as gentle as possible and only touch your skin when you absolutely have to. Rubbing your skin when you wash, wipe or moisturise your face does not make your skin clearer. On the contrary, this makes your pores larger and harsher and may even cause premature wrinkles. Every time you touch your face, imagine that it is egg shell, and be very gentle when you touch it. Do not rub or scrub it. After washing your face, use a towel to gently dry it. Use room temperature water because if the water is too hot it can strip natural moisture off your skin. The cleanser you choose is also important — a good cleanser should not leave the skin feeling dry, and when you touch the skin, it should feel soft. Moisture makes the skin look useful. Always remember to put on sunscreen every morning and reapply after two hours if you are outdoor. UV rays can cause premature wrinkles.  

3. Undereye circles make your face look tired   

If your undereye circles are caused by your lifestyle, brightening eye products can help. But if it comes from genetics or allergies, you need makeup. Use concealer to hide the circles and brighten your eyes. Choose peach or orange colour to neutralise the skin. Avoid thick and sticker concealer — use one with flexible texture like Givenchy Mister Instant Corrective Pen which is designed to hide dark circles and signs of tiredness around the eyes. Use the tip to apply the concealer lightly and use your finger to blend it. Do not apply loose powder on top as it will look unnatural. Do not use a colour that is lighter than your skin because it looks too made up. 

4. Cologne doesn’t last long

If you want to ensure your cologne lasts all day long, spray it on your chest. The trick is to spray it on your skin under your clothes but leave enough room to let the scent come through. For example, if you wear a shirt, leave the top two buttons undone. When you move about, the scent will come out in the air and those around you can smell it. You can also put on cologne behind your ears and on your wrists. However, when you put cologne on these areas, the scent wears off quicker. 

5. Ingrown hair causes acne  

Ingrown hair is caused by clogged pores, which prevents the hair from pushing through. You can see a bump with a dark spot, and when there are too many of these bumps, the skin appears uneven. Worse yet, sometimes ingrown hair can cause acne. To prevent this, scrub your face and body twice a week to exfoliate the skin and reduce ingrown hair. Scrub the skin gently to prevent irritation, and use scrub with spherical or fine beads to prevent chafing the skin.



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