Beauty secrets no one has ever
shared with you

1. Dry lips can be caused by your toothpaste. Some people change their lipstick when their lips peel, but the real cause could be the toothpaste you’re using. Try kid’s toothpaste or herbal toothpaste and see if it gets better.  

2. Skincare products expire after one year after first use. Eye make-up products expire after six months. Skin make-up products expire after a year after first use. Anything with colour, like lipstick and eyeshadow, can last about two years. By all means, check the texture, colour and smell of the product, and if it seems different, don’t use it.   

3. If you have extremely dry skin, the first thing you do is stop applying powder, foundation and cheek colour. You can still wear mascara and eyeshadow, but leave the skin alone. Your skin’s dryness could be a reaction to the product you’re using. It can also be the dairy products that you consume.  

4. To lose weight fast, do weight training to build muscles. An hour of cardio workout burns less calories than 30 minutes of weight training. It also gives you a leaner and firmer body. If you want to get in shape, do weight training followed by 30 minutes of cardio workout.

5. If you have lines and wrinkles, avoid using powder highlighter, especially one with pearly particles. The more you use it, the more visible your lines are. If your skin is not smooth, the powder can crease on the skin, making your skin look dirty and patchy. If you want to use highlighter, pick a creamy one which is easier to control and apply. It also gives a smoother finish.  

6. Genetic factors, hormones and sunlight can stimulate the skin’s pigmentation, causing blemishes and freckles, but heat is something you should also be warned about. Heat can darken the colour of your freckles. Avoid being in a hot place, like the kitchen or in a sauna room. Try to stay away from other factors that cause free radicals, such as smoking and alcohol, because they weaken the skin’s ability to protect itself from UV rays.  

7. To make your skin brighter, in addition to applying sunscreen and using brightening products, you should also eat vegetables and fruits that are considered “superfood”. They help protect the skin from sunlight and other factors that can cause spots and freckles.  




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