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7 common questions about makeup, skincare and fragrances,
all answered right here

Q: With so many skincare products, how do I know which one to use first?  

A: The easiest way to plan your skincare routine is to go from lightest texture to heaviest. Simply, it’s toner, essence lotion, facial oil, serum, gel cream, and cream. Another common question is what to do when there are two products with the same texture. The answer is to consider your top skin concern, and put on the one that addresses that problem first.

Q: When travelling to a cold country, why do powder and foundation not adhere to the skin and why does the colour look too white even though they seem OK in Thailand?  

A: When the weather is really cold, your powder and foundation might not blend into the skin and the face looks a bit pasty. This is because the skin is dehydrated. To fix this, add hydration by using moisturiser for very dry skin, and avoid using foundation powder if the skin is dry. Try cream foundation instead, or you can add one or two drops of facial oil to make it easier to blend. Do not apply loose powder after foundation to keep the skin dewy and not too matte.

Q: I bought foundation in a wrong shade. Can I fix it or do I have to toss it?

A: If the colour of your foundation is wrong for you, you can still fix it. If it is too light for your skin, you can use it on the T zone, from the forehead (between eyebrows), nose, chin. In other words, use it as a highlighter. If the colour is too dark for your skin, use it on the outer edge of your face as shading.

If you have dry skin and want to wear foundation powder, the trick is
to add 1-2 drops or facial oil on your hand, and use a big brush to soak up the oil

Q: How do I wear fragrance to create my own signature scent?

A: If you want to create a scent that becomes your signature, use the scent that you like most on pulse points, such as on your wrists, chest and near your heart. This will help people remember this scent and they will be reminded of you when they smell it. Then, layer it with another scent that is fun, sexy or mysterious, depending on your mood or look. Use this scent behind your earlobes. This is how you create a signature scent that is unique even if you’re wearing a popular fragrance that many other people use.

Q: My skin is very dry. I do not like foundation because it’s hard to blend — I prefer foundation powder because it’s more convenient. The thing is it makes my skin looks dry and dull. What do I do?  

A: If you have dry skin and want to wear foundation powder, the trick is to add 1-2 drops or facial oil on your hand, and use a big brush to soak up the oil, then apply your powder with that brush. This will give the powder a velvety and dewy look.  

Q: My face is round. How do I draw my eyebrows to elongate my face?  

A: If you have a round face, your eyebrows should be arched with an angle. A flat and straight line will only make your face look wider. You might want to draw a longer line because short eyebrows make the face appear wider. Make sure the eyebrows are not too slim because that will only make the face look bigger and rounder. Draw your eyebrows to be fuller than your original eyebrows. Use arches and angles to make the face look less round.   

Q: To put on foundation, do I use my fingers, puff or brush? How are they different?  

A: How you apply your foundation depends on what you feel comfortable with. There’s no right or wrong. If you want heavy coverage, use your fingers to press lightly. For medium coverage, use a puff. Foundation brushes are designed for natural look. Some makeup artists might use all three, starting with fingers to press the foundation lightly on the skin, then a puff to remove excess and followed by a brush to ensure smooth coverage in smaller areas.   




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