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10 ways to wear a mask without ruining your face

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10 ways to wear a mask without ruining your face

Since we last got the voting on what our readers want to read, it came with no surprises that in this new normal which the covid-19 has brought upon us, naturally most of you want to know how to wear a mask without ruining your skin. A mask may be causing some less than desirable side effects when it comes to your skin. And there are some who are not troubled by those less than side effects on the skin and instead they want to know how to wear a mask without leaving a smudge and icky stain on a mask itself. Well, you have come to the right place.

1. Avoid any act that damages your natural skin barrier which serves as a skin fortress protecting your skin from pollutants, dust, smoke, and the like. If you have a healthy skin barrier, it is less likely that you will experience skin problems – . At times, you may unintentionally harm your skin barrier i.e. using harsh chemicals or hot water on your face. It is better to use room temperature water and mild cleanser; ones which do not harm the skin and alcohol-free will not cause dryness. It is best not to scrub areas where the mask directly comes in contact with your skin.

2. Despite our skin’s natural barrier which creates protection for the skin against environmental stressors, wearing mask on a constant basis could lead to friction and irritation. Weakened skin is prone to get rashes and acne breakouts. Boost your skin barrier routinely at night and in the morning with moisturiser to supercharge your skin with goodness. Opt for those with skin strengthening formula or those that contain ceramides.

3. Always keep your skin moisturized to make it less sensitive to disturbances. Choose skincare which won’t clog pores or cause acne. Look for such labels like oil-free, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, won’t clog pore and the like.

4. Skip makeup where it rubs against a mask directly. After all what is the point in wearing a makeup when roughly about half of your face is covered. You might as well get rid of your chance to cause breakouts. It is best to put a makeup only on the upper part of a face. If you need to apply makeup to the whole of your face, go for the most gentle foundation. Use tint moisturiser instead of thick foundation and remember to use primer before putting on a makeup for long-wearing and it helps to avoid smudges and smears.

5. Avoid adjusting a mask too often as this will irritate your skin more. When not in a crowded area, you may take off a mask to let your skin breathe. Skin trapped under a mask can be sweaty and damp. The moisture in your breath can make susceptible to breakouts and irritation. You should also staying in a hot and humid environment for a long period of time.

6. After a long day of mask wearing, make sure to clean your face as soon as you arrive home. Do not get lazy and put it off until before bedtime.

7. Do not go for food that triggers breakouts or at least try not to do so. You may not be able to avoide dairy products such as milk, cheese, ice cream, flour, bread or bakery items but you try not to eat them too much or too often.

8. If your acne problem caused by mask wearing is not that alarming, apply some acne cream to treat the inflammation. In case of serious breakout, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

9. If you are allergic to coating chemicals which come with a surgical mask, opt for a fabric one which should be washed daily with gentle washing solutions; the best is the ones for babies.

10. If you are one of those who have to put on a makeup and wear a mask, it is inevitable that a mask will get stained.




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