Get ready before landing this holiday season
with beauty tips on how to handle dry weather on the plane

• To avoid bloating and swelling, watch what you snack on when you’re on the plane. Don’t eat too much salty stuff, especially salted peanuts and chips. Salt makes your body retain more water, which makes you bloat. Your eyes also swell because of the retained fluid.

• It is very important to stay hydrated when you fly, especially on a long-haul flight. Keep in mind that the dry weather on the plane takes away your skin’s natural moisture. When your body is dehydrated, it tries to retain water, and this leads to swelling and bloating. Try to drink a lot of water throughout the flight and avoid drinking alcohol. It’s also recommended to get up and walk around to get the blood flowing.

• A lot of people have trouble sleeping on the plane, so plan it well. First of all, bring an eye mask and ear plugs with you (or ask a flight attendant) so that you can fully rest. If you want to take a long nap and don’t want to be disturbed at meal time, inform a flight attendant not to wake you up. Avoid sugary food, desserts, cake and ice cream because sugar makes you too alert to sleep. Drink herbal tea like chamomile tea or non-caffeinated hot drinks to help you sleep.

• Hydrate and moisturise the skin by applying moisturiser or using moisturising overnight mask. Leave it on the skin while you sleep — this will help hydrate the skin and improve its ability to retain moisture. If you’re flying on a long-haul flight (more than six hours), carry a facial mist with you to hydrate the skin during the flight.

• Wake up at least 45 minutes prior to landing to get ready. Being prepared means you don’t have to rush at the very last minute or wait in a long line to use the lavatory.

• After washing your face, use facial mist before applying moisturiser and sunscreen. Before you put on makeup, use illuminating primer to give the skin a healthy glow. You can also use a makeup base to prep the skin — beige base for pale skin and peach base for dark and dull skin.

• If you have dry skin, moisturisation alone might not help. Use cushion instead of foundation powder to give the skin a dewy look. You can also use foundation which contains oil and skip the powder.

• Avoid powder and matte makeup products. They make your skin look dull and emphasise dry patches on the skin. Use cream or liquid cheek blush to add colour to your face. For your lips, use lip gloss or cream lipstick.

• Black eyeliner and mascara can help make your eyes look brighter and your face look fresher like you’ve just had an 8-hour sleep.

• Cover up dark circles around the eyes with concealer. Choose one with flexibility and blendability. Do not apply powder on top.




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