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Remarkable Journal: Unconditional Love

By 12 December 2017 No Comments


On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we interview eight mothers about their dream journey with their kids. Let’s take a look at their answers.




I’ve just visited Japan with my children, and they wanted to go to Ghibli Museum, but we missed the chance. My youngest really wanted to go there to see Totoro. It’s also a place I’d love to visit — it not only stimulates children’s imagination, but is also a great place to learn about how animations are made. There are many activities that both adults and children can enjoy. So, my dream trip with my children would be to Ghibli Museum, but it would have to wait another year. For this Mother’s Day, I’ll just take my kids and my mother to eat somewhere nice
in Bangkok.


My dream journey is to go to London, UK, with my daughter. We’ve been to London together, and that time we visited 4-5 museums, and we loved them. My daughter loved the weather and the atmosphere in London, and there are many museums that we have not explored. So, I want to go to London with her again to check them out. Maybe I will send her to study there one day.


I’ve always wanted to go to the Maldives with my kids, but haven’t had the chance. We would be alone together and spend quality time together. My kids are overseas right now, and we travel a lot. When they come back, we would go to the South of Thailand together, maybe to Phuket. My kids and I like outdoor activities like diving, and we also like exploring local food. We do everything together.


My kids are 11 years old now, and they really want to go to Disney World in Florida. Last year, I went there for a conference, and when I saw the atmosphere, I thought about my kids. A dream trip for Mother’s Day for me would be Disney World. But this year, we would just go to Universal Studios Singapore, because travelling to the US would mean missing school for so many days. For our trip in Singapore, we’ll stay in the Ocean Suite at Equarius Hotel which has an underwater view. They can see the sharks, and this should be very exciting for them.


I’ve just returned from Bali, and I wish I could go there with my kids. It would be nice for us to surf together as a family. But my kids are only two years old, so we’ll just have to wait. Maybe we will just go to Hua Hin, because my twins love the sea, and my husband’s mother lives there. It would be nice for them to spend time with our relatives. Hua Hin also has Hua Hin Horse Club, so maybe the twins can try horse-riding.


I love going to the mountains and I’m not much of a sea person, but since I’ve become a mother, it’s nice to take them to the sea. My dream journey with my kids is to go to Yao Noi and stay at Cape Kudu, owned by a friend of mine. We can see sea animals together, which would be a fun learning experience. I’d love to take them to Bora Bora, but it won’t be easy because there are no direct flights and it takes several hours.


Going anywhere with my daughter makes a great journey  for me, but if I could choose, it would be Orlando, US, because it has Disney World and Universal Studios. I’ve been to those places as a child, and now I want my daughter to have the same experience. I’m sure a lot of things have changed, but she will have a great time. I’ve taken my daughter to Europe, especially the UK, so many times that it’s like our second home. My kid loves the UK because there are many gardens and zoos to visit. She’s into nature and animals.


This year we will stay home for Mother’s Day, but speaking of a dream journey, I’d like to take my boys to Africa on a safari trip. I’ll have to wait until they are older because it’s a long journey. My kids love going to the zoo, and when we go to New York, the UK and Japan, we always go to zoos. We love the London Zoo because there are many animals to see, and the layout is kid-friendly. There aren’t many cages — the animals mostly roam free, so it’s refreshing to see. There are many activities for children as well.


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