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Culinary Masterpieces

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Innovative Japanese cuisine meets a cool ambiance, making every moment at Tenshino on the 2nd floor of Pullman Bangkok King Power always an exciting experience.


Tenshino restaurant impresses you at first sight with its Bohemian chic decoration, with bright hues adorning the walls and unusually vibrant images of women in kimono welcoming you. Every corner of the restaurant has been designed to offer privacy, and each zone has its distinctive character through the use of different lamps, chandeliers, tables and vintage furniture. The central area of the restaurant is a large bar where guests can enjoy pre-meal drinks in a relaxing atmosphere.

The food at Tenshino is made with premium seasonal ingredients imported from Japan and France to offer freshness. Every dish is under the supervision of Chef Pan–Kwanchanok Srithawatchara, the Head Chef behind the deliciousness at Tenshino. She uses her wealth of experience, with more than 10 years spent perfecting her Japanese cooking, to mix with her French cuisine knowledge from her six years working with Pullman Bangkok King Power Executive Chef Dominique Ferchaud from France, creating fusion food that blends Asian and European styles beautifully.

The food at Tenshino is made with premium seasonal ingredients imported from Japan and France to offer freshness.
Every dish is under the supervision of Chef Pan–Kwanchanok Srithawatchara, the Head Chef behind the deliciousness at Tenshino

Chef Pan’s creations are so delicious and outstanding that it’s hard to describe. The Lobster Salad is sweet and juicy, served with Japanese mizuna plant, which is slightly spicy and gives the yuzu sauce a greater flavour, perfectly bringing out the lobster’s natural sweetness. The fresh aroma and taste of yuzu is also great for starting a meal.

Japanese Sweet Potato Croquettes is the restaurant’s signature menu. This European favourite is given a modern twist by using Japanese purple potato. It comes with five different fillings — Japanese green tea, sake yogurt, Japanese black sesame, lobster soup, and no fillings. Enhance the flavour with wasabi mayonnaise.

Ebi Consommé with Puff Pastry is served in seaweed puff pastry. The clear soup is rich in flavour, thanks to the sweetness from shrimp and Hamaguri clams. The pastry goes wonderfully well with the soup.  

Cereal Kuruma Ebi is made with Japanese tiger prawn, covered in crisp fried cried cereal, topped with yuzu sauce and served with wasabi mashed potato. For this menu, Chef Pan chooses fresh tiger prawns from Japan and mix it with cereal before frying until golden and crispy. The tangy yuzu sauce has a nice and fresh aroma, while the mashed potato has a hint of wasabi.

Seared Salmon with Matcha Sauce is made with premium salmon with natural richness and sweetness. It is seared to medium to retain the meat’s natural softness, served on a bed of cooked Japanese scallion and flavourful matcha sauce. 

Wagyu Tenderloin Steak is made with juicy wagyu tenderloin, grilled to perfection and served with bone marrow smoked with spices and herbs and shoyu butter.  

For those who want to try Chef Pan’s innovative Japanese cuisine, visit Tenshino Restaurant on the 2nd floor of Pullman Bangkok King Power. For reservations, please call 0 2680 9999 or email [email protected]. Tenshino Restaurant is open daily at 6PM-11PM. King Power members receive up to 20% on a la carte dishes.