Beat COVID-19 Blues
with Window Swap

By 21 January 2021 No Comments

The pandemic and urgent need to stay inside obviously put us back to work from home and isolation mode. We all seem to get a hang of it better than the first outbreak but at the end of the day, the fact that we have to be contained in our house takes its toll at least mentally. Sonali Ranjit and her husband, Vaishnav Balasubramaniam – creatives based in Singapore – come up with this Window Swap idea to beat the lockdown blues.

The couples set up an interactive website offering users the opportunity to swap new window views to stare out through the windows of others from another corner of the world. This is a simple, yet, sweet escape to let you travel without moving physically anywhere during this isolation. No one knows when the pandemic would end but it will be a long while before we could actually take a trip and wake up to a new view outside our window. When the project was shared online, strangers from across the world welcome this genius idea in healing the wanderlust souls of people trapped in lockdown worldwide.

Let’s take a peek into these new creative window views at complete with natural sounds. You could look through these virtual windows into the streets and enjoy watching lives go by; from bumper-to-bumper traffic in New York, throngs of people in Mumbai, drizzling rain in London to desert in Arizona.

You could also submit your own window view by recording roughly 10-minute horizontal locked shot video with part of your window frame viewable in the shot. Upload the clip onto their website and tell them your name and location of the view.

You would be surprised that the same old view outside your window of which you have stuck with day in, day out could actually give joy to other people living in the other part of the world.