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 Level up Your Closet with Natural-Dyed Streetwear


Fearless is the t-shirt collection that streetwear fashionistas swear by due to the high profile of the collab; LCFC – the world’s leading football team and atmos – Japan’s renowned streetwear and sneaker boutique.

Fearless conveys the story of Thai folk wisdom by fusing street style with Thai wisdom of natural indigo hand-dyeing. The chemical-free crafting was processed with an environmental concern in two small town villages of Thailand renowned for their art of indigo hand-dyeing. To get the desired colours, the villagers used their own unique ways of rolling, tying and dying. The process was repeated several times in order to get the desired colours which vary depending on the technique of each village. That made each Fearless t-shirt unique and charming enough to level up your closet .

Fearless t-shirts come in 3 colours and designs.
Blue Stripes from Ban Nakham in Sakon Nakhon
Cloud Navy and Yellow Harmony from Ban Huachang in Lampoon

Limitedly available with 900 pieces for each colour from 5 December 2020 onwards. Each piece of Fearless is retailed at THB 1,884 is set to commemorate the year 1884 that LCFC was established.

To order your Fearless online or browse more images and information, please visit Leicestershop_th IG, Leicestershop_th FB, King Power or atmos Online for orders from Japan, USA, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. You can also shop it in-store at King Power Rangnam if you are in Thailand or LCFC Shop for UK residents.