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Behind the Scene:
The Sporty Glam

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Known for her angelic face “Taew” Nataporn Taemeeruk can rock any look. This time,
our stylist Sanshai Jirat Subpisankul transforms the TV star into a sassy sporty girl.

“We often see her in period TV dramas, looking glamourous, so this time I want her to look fresh and fun. Today’s style is sporty and natural, with barely there make-up to reveal her gorgeous skin. Her clothes are a mix of sportswear, high street and high end to give her a youthful and fun look, something we don’t see often on her,” said Sanshai about today’s theme. True to what he said, today Taew looked incredibly fresh and fun, from top to toe. Although it’s Taew’s first time working with Power magazine, thanks to her professionalism and the skills of our stylist and photographer “Atom” Pisid Whangvisarn, everything went smoothly without a glitch.  

“While this is my first time working with Power magazine, I’ve actually been following the magazine for a long time. I always looked at the covers and wondered what it would be like to be on one. Today, it’s a lot of fun and everything went well. I’ve worked with Sanshai and Atom before. I also love the sporty and street looks today,” said the beautiful actress with her signature smile. She told us that when she has free time, she usually goes to a spa or exercise. She also sets aside some time for travelling to help her unwind.  

“When I travel, I don’t plan ahead that long, except it’s something with time restrictions, such as a skiing trip. Usually, if my friends and I happen to have free time, we just go. This year I’ve travelled a lot — I’ve been on 4-5 trips so far.” Her favourite destination is Japan, and she also fell in love with Italy because of its weather and food.  

Of course, she also loves to shop. “I love shopping. I love buying clothes. Window shopping is one of my favourite activities. When I travel overseas, I always make time to shop at King Power Duty Free. If I’m in a rush and don’t get to shop, the trip feels incomplete. I spend most of my time at the airport shopping. I love buying make-up because there are just so many things to explore. Some of the brands aren’t available at department stores. I just can’t get enough!” She also added that she’s planning a trip to Norway and has already been to King Power Rangnam to shop ahead of the trip.