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Reader’s Letter

By 5 April 2019 No Comments


I want to thank King Power and its team for great promotions offered. This makes my wife and me want to travel often.

Dear Power magazine,

I visited the US and Canada once again. I will never get tired of these countries! I had a chance to take great photos and experience subzero temperature. Again, before my trip, I made it a point to go to King Power Rangnam and Srivaree to use my Birthday Celebration privileges and enjoy credit card promotions. I got everything I wanted before my trip.  

I loved many places on this trip, but I will highlight two of them in particular because it was my first time there. The first is Whistler in Canada, which was as gorgeous as it was cold. It’s one of the top 10 best holiday and skiing destinations in the world and was the site of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The villages there are so beautiful.

Another place is the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the US. There are rock outcroppings and steep cliffs, and one of the best spots is the Eagle Point where the canyon walls resemble that of an eagle’s wings.

In this photo, you can see a tourist lying down to take photos. Interestingly, you can see bald eagles flying in the sky here.

I did not have time to visit the King Power Lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport this time because I was busy shopping. I deposited my items and picked them up on the way back, which was very convenient.  

I want to thank King Power and its team for great promotions offered. This makes my wife and me want to travel often.

King Power SCARLET Member