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Reader’s Letter

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In every trip, I always shop at King Power, no matter where my destination is.

Dear Power magazine,

I would like to share a memorable story of my backpacking trip, which was the first of this year. I went to Tasmania, Australia, a small island with unspoiled nature. It has beautiful scenery and fresh air, and it’s known to be one of the cleanest islands in the world. Tasmania has all kinds of natural beauty. For many, Tasmania might be an unfamiliar name, but for those who love natural destinations, it is a must-visit.

Tasmania’s capital city is Hobart, and it’s like a fairy tale. National parks and world heritage areas take up about 40% of its land. Mount Wellington is where you can see a beautiful view of Hobart. On the other side of the city, there’s a lavender field for you to explore.

I also travelled to Launceston, a small city in the northern part of the island. Its nature is very stunning, and it has glorious culture. Colonial architecture and simple lifestyle makes it a great place for relaxation.

I think this little island in Australia is worth visiting. You will be so captivated by its natural beauty that you want to return once again.

In every trip, I always shop at King Power, no matter where my destination is. I am impressed with the service, benefits and special promotions. Its extensive offerings means I don’t have to shop abroad. I would like to thank King Power for its services, and thank Power Magazine for creating such a wonderful magazine for me to enjoy at home.

Thank you.
King Power ONYX Member