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Lifestyle Update: Scents of Love

By 5 June 2018 No Comments


The entire ten editions of Prada Olfactories are luxuriously composed by in-house perfumer, Daniela Andrier, under the supervision of Miuccia Prada. The two created 10 unique unisex concoctions that push the boundaries of the fragrance world.

PURPLE RAIN: Prada’s iconic Iris reimagined. The fragile perennial fortified into an opulent bloom that evokes its namesake goddess of the rainbow: a link between land and sky, heaven and humanity. Purple Rain is the complex yet understated scent of iris, potent in its powdery charms.

NUE AU SOLEIL: A golden nectar bursts forth from a newly cultivated flower. Claimed by a besotted monarch, it is spirited away and coaxed to bloom again in a desert hideaway. Nue au Soleil is the scent of an Orange Blossom dipped in gold.

TAINTED LOVE: Playful and charming, with a regressive edge of nostalgia.  A glossy and seductive bullet fired from the laboratory to the vanity. Tainted Love is the personal yet universal scent of lipstick: a celebration of synthetic allure.

UN CHANT D’AMOUR: A pure white cloud dissolved into layers, revealing the complexity of weightlessness. A glimpse ignites a surge of emotion, giving way to tender immersion. Un Chant d’Amour is the scent of human touch, at once calming and carnal.

CARGO DE NUIT: An ocean voyage under the cover of night. Celestial navigation and shadowy cargo. A daring yet addictive journey. Handled with care Cargo de Nuit is the scent of a twilight passage on the high seas.

DAY FOR NIGHT: A modern encounter with the ancient, preserved for eternity in hardened honey. Day For Night is the ultimate amber scent: the fossilized made newly mysterious as the natural becomes precious.

HEAT WAVE: An island arrival, as evening wanes. Stepping into humid darkness, the air dense with a silent chorus of night-blooming flowers. Heat Wave is the scent of complicity in paradise, steamy and decadent.

DOUBLE DARE: Beyond charted history, a discreet wilderness flourishes on manicured grounds. Creatures roam in a warm haze of spice and leather. Double Dare is the scent of rarefied preserve, a balance of exotic and the exquisite.

PINK FLAMINGOS: A cloud of pink bubbles floating through the heart of Tokyo. The joyful embrace of nature and the synthetic animates the familiar to produce a heightened form of beauty. Pink Flamingos is the scent of fluorescent pink blossoms, stylized and innocent.

MARIENBAD: A hotel suspended between Western ease and Eastern ouds. Souvenirs of an elegantly crumbling empire: leather-bound volumes to be devoured with spiced tortes, black coffee, and a view of Danube. Marienbad is a the scent of a charming, baroque escape, otherworldly in its richness.

The language of Prada Olfactories is a complex, colourful and packaged in silk pouch with Prada’s surreal collage pattern. Each of these 10 variants will be retailed at 9,100 Baht for 100 ml. at King Power Duty Free