King Power Care Power

By 18 May 2020 No Comments

Adopts Global Hygienic Measures
to Drive World-Class Travel Retail

King Power Group is brandishing King Power Care Power putting global hygienic measures in place throughout the service areas to maintain cleanliness, create confidence and promote public hygiene to welcome back local and international patrons.

Thailand is now easing the lockdown as the nation has managed to keep a low number of the new coronavirus cases. Currently, mom-and-pop stores and giant retail store have all resumed the operation on 3 and 17 May respectively.

King Power has also reopened King Power Rangnam including every foodie’s favourite – THAI TASTE HUB with safety measure in place to raise the bar of local public hygiene to be on par with that of international business entrepreneurs in tourism. We also co-operate with the state agency in getting all the store patrons to scan a QR code and register their store entry and departure through Thai Chana app which was initiated by the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration to curb the outbreak.

The following measures have been enforced in every service area of the Company ranging from downtown duty free stores, airport duty free stores, commercial areas at the airport, pick-up counters at the airport and the hotel.

  1. Safety Place: Have a peace of mind throughout the store service area with deep cleaned space and sanitised equipment and tools used for providing services.
  2. Screen & Scan: Screening starts at the entrance to take care of everyone’s well-being under this new normal phenomenon happening worldwide. We apply strict screening and monitoring procedures for public safety
  3. Social Distancing: Be confident that social distancing is practiced everywhere to lessen the crowd and personal contact. We limit the number of store patrons through the use of convenient app so you could enjoy our service without a worry.
  4. Safety Service & Payment: Safety is always at the top of our priority in our service which emphasises the importance of cleanliness and sanitation.

King Power is devoted to responding to the demand for premium services despite the prevailing safety measures. We aim to deliver a distinctive and unrivalled service experience as well as providing recommendations under the presence of new normal to reflect the image of an international professional travel entrepreneur. Visitors can rest assured that we have integrated cleanliness, hygiene, safety and the well-being of travellers. to the core of our services. It is our responsibility to pay close attention down to the last detail in every step of our services in order to keep up with the changing pattern of our customer behaviour.

At King Power Group, we are confident of all the measure of our hygiene standards enforced throughout the store since the reopening. Not only are we determined to uphold the standards but also to step up new service standards in order to improve the tourism in every respect while we still remain committed to delivering extraordinary travel experiences for the world travellers.