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Revisit the Aesthetics of Stately Architecture
Which Becomes the New-Found Inspirational Passion

LONGLAI – born and bred in Thailand – started out as an exotic leather brand with unique design which relies on expertise craftsmanship and exquisite needlework and premium export quality. Now LONGLAI has reinvented our brand story into one which speaks casually with modern minimal women.

The influence of LONGLAI is initially rooted in a brutalism architectural movement of the western world around the fifties. Brutalism is characterised by its straightforwardness to reflect the authentic rough appearance of the materials. With the passing of times, this movement was simplified and gave birth to the new brutalism which expresses the bare-bone design of various solid geometric patterns. The story of this new brutalism is basically told through the design of LONGLAI – Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

The new brutalism has spawned various shapes but the functionality remains of utmost important. LONGLAI uses genuine cow nappa leather which is noted for its soft feel and crafted a simple luxury look for this collection; rectangle ZOE, trapezoid EVA, round coin purse necklace ROSY ROUND and KYLIE crossbody bucket and shopping tote TAUNO. Each design comes with red brick, black and taupe. Lightweighted, easy to pair with any look, The New Brutalism is ideal for every occasion.

LONGLAI, devoted to women, crafts bags for women through sturdy design with fine needlecraft which is similar to the character of women today; gentle, yet, strong. Unique and simple LONGLAI bags step up the confidence of women so they can carry these bags walking briskly and holding up their chin.

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