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Strengthening the power of the people in Rayong Communities

King Power Thai Power is an ongoing project set up to promote the potentials of Thai fellows to make waves internationally with a stress on developing Thai human resources and fortifying the sustainability of communities. Recently King Power Group installed a faux-grass football pitch and universal standard restroom for Rayong Community and held and official launch of the pitch on 21 February 2020 at Sri Muang Public Park in Rayong.

Present at the event were Rayong Province Deputy Governor Yhutapon Ongarjithichai, King Power Group’s Assistant Chief Operating Officer Apichet Srivaddhanaprabha, Rayong Municipality President Worawit Suppachokchai along with actor – “Mike” Pattaradet Sa-nguankwamdee and other distinguished guests.

Rayong Province Deputy Governor Yhutapon Ongarjithichai said, “On behalf of Rayong people, we’d like to thank you King Power Group for stepping in and developing the Sri Muang Public Park so that we all have more choices when it comes to exercising. Previously, the park was frequented by runners and basketball players while senior citizens came to exercise and kids played football on the grass. All together there was around 3,500 visitors each day. From now on, those who like footballs will have their own space with an installation of a new faux-grass football pitch for 7 players. Sri Muang Public Park has now become Rayong’s go-to place for health lovers and the park would boost the unity among community members as well as lessen the narcotic-related issues”.

King Power Group’s Assistant Chief Operating Officer Apichet Srivaddhanaprabha said, “King Power Thai Power in affiliation of King Power Group have long been committed with social contribution activities aiming to promote the potentials of Thai people in the global scene and strengthen the community power. As part of the “100 Football Pitches to Strengthen Thai Youth Power”, The Group continues to build a faux-grass football pitch for 7 players to optimise the space of Rayong’s first public park which has attracted more and more visitors. 33×53 metre plot of land has been transformed into a blue faux-grass football pitch complete with world standard for Rayong’s football lovers. Apart from the pitch, the Group also install public restroom as part of “Thai Power Happy Restrooms: to support the community development to promote the economic prosperity in a sustainable manner.”

Rayong Municipality President Worawit Suppachokchai added further that, “The world-standard faux-grass pitch is something that Rayong people had long been waited for as football is one of the top sports of choice here. We used to have only 2 pitches; one is a grass and another one concrete, in Rayong. Every year, the pitch would take turn getting closed for renovation which takes around 1-2 months at a time. There had been a lack of space for players so now that we have a new faux-grass pitch where we can all play football every day without a break for renovation, Rayong community villagers will chime in and help manage the pitch to sustainably maximise the benefits of having this new football pitch.

The highlight of the new football pitch launch was the paramotor show of Rayong Municipality. “Mike” Pattaradet Sa-nguankwamdee also took part as a player in the pitch’s inauguration football match; King Power Staff Team vs Rayong Municipality VIPs. The match served as an exemplary model and inspiration to turn Thai youngster into health-conscious individuals. For further information, please refer to Facebook: King Power Thai Power พลังคนไทย


Further information:
“100 Football Pitches to Strengthen Thai Youth Power”, initiated by King Power Thai Power project, is on its 4th year in its commitment to deliver faux-grass football pitches. So far 60 pitches have been installed in numerous communities. In the year 2020, King Power Group is now open for request of another 20 faux-grass football pitches from across the nation in order to support youth and the general public who have football talents and the dream of becoming professional football players.