King Power’s New Advertisement
Inspiring and Igniting the Fighting Spirit of
Thais to Pursue Our Dreams

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King Power Group, renowned world-class travel retailer, has unveiled the new advertisement – JUST BELIEVE…THAT WE CAN DO IT. We aim to inspire and boost the morale of Thai people in pursuing their dreams and go beyond their limits towards the path to success. The message of the advertisement reflects with King Power Group’s new brand philosophy of EVERY JOURNEY BRINGS YOU LIFE BEYOND BOUNDARIES. 

King Power Group’s new JUST BELIEVE…THAT WE CAN DO IT advertisement was crafted by Thanonchai “Tor” Sornsriwichai, one of the world’s most frequently awarded commercial directors at the Cannes Lions. His non-commercial style of telling story will give Thai people and society some positive energy and the inspirational story will resonate with the viewers. 

This 3.06-minute advertisement tells the stories of Thais from various walks of life; a kid who dreams to be a pro football player, a student who yearns to be a leading musician, a physically-challenged who long to walk again and a local community whose wisdom crafts have been made famous on an international arena. These people had encountered their own version of obstacle on the path to their dream path but eventually they jump overcame their own limits to reach for their dream. Similar to King Power’s belief, at the end of every journey towards their dream, they would find themselves moving forward closer to where they want to be. On this context, the journey doesn’t mean just taking a trip but it embraces learning or developing your potentials. This process or journey will help landing you further towards your dream.

For the past 3o years, King Power Group as a member of society has supported Thai people who pursue their dream to jump over all the hurdles and cross over the boundaries. The Group’s support acts like the wind beneath the wings of Thai people to let them fly to their dream destination where they find success in their life. 

Director Thanonchai “Tor” Sornsriwichai told us that, “King Power’s advertisement is created based on the concept of Life Beyond Boundaries. It questions the attempt of human in trying to go beyond the boundaries. It is found that people change their behaviour when they believe. The belief determines the scope of success. If you believes that you can go far, you will go far. However, belief alone will not bear any fruit. To go as far as you want, you must not wait but proceed to do and do more and further more. Another factor that plays a part in driving us further is attitude. Having positive attitude means not seeing problem as a threat. Instead, it should be viewed as a challenge, a way to develop and upskill. Problem is a drill to sharpen your skills of which you can use them to better navigate your way to your goals and may be go over your boundaries to do something that may seem like an impossible feat. Overcoming problems, obstacles or hurdles can enable you to reach your dreams. These things are hard to explain them all in one shot so this advertisement only focuses on the power of belief and implementation. We believe that this advertisement could inspire their strong sense of self-belief and lead them to actually get started. Once started, they will know that everything has a way of its own. If we don’t give up and keep going and stay relentlessly focused and committed, they will find that they have come a long way from where they started and that they are in a position where their dream is much more accessible.

King Power Group’s advertisement – JUST BELIEVE…THAT WE CAN DO IT will drive everyone forward and inspire us all to pursue their dreams and go beyond their boundaries.

For more information, please check out http://bit.ly/37JkjcX

6 Things to Know about King Power Group’s Advertisement – JUST BELIEVE…THAT WE CAN DO IT

  1. The takeaway of this advertisement is the belief that Thai people’s capabilities. It has nothing to do with promoting the sales of merchandise or services of King Power.
  2. This advertisement is directed by a killer director – Thanonchai “Tor” Sornsriwichai.
  3. This advertisement aims to inspire the millennials or Thai people in general who is faced with problems. They will get positive energy to revive their sense of self-belief in order to press on and move forward.
  4. The main highlight to capture the attention of viewer lies in how the advertisement translates the intuitive understanding of belief.
  5. The target viewers are not the foreign travellers or general shoppers but the general public. In other words, it aims at anyone because it focuses on the mind and the belief of human beings.
  6. It is believed that this advertisement can reignite the inspiration and the fighting spirit in everyone so that we can all rise up and get ready to leap over our own limitations and reach out to conquer whatever we set our mind to.