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Boll & Rava and Ace Denim
at King Power Mahanakhon

By 8 February 2019 No Comments

“Boll & Rava”, French fashion brand of stylish clothing for travelling gentlemen, and “Ace Denim” brand
make their debut in Thailand with the first flagship store in Asia at King Power Mahanakhon.

“Boll & Rava” is an up-and-coming fashion brand founded by two talented fashion designers Guillaume Rava, a Frenchman, and Bertrand Boll, a Swiss. Both met during their studies while working on a project for Vicomte A., a popular French brand. The two developed a unique style based on colour association and the use of contrasting fabrics and textures. In the five years that they together designed a collection and managed art direction for Vicomte A., the brand’s sales rose to 15 million euros. In 2008 Boll and Rava won an award for their creativities at “Who’s Next”, a leading French trade show and made headlines in the French media.

Besides Boll & Rava, which is gaining in popularity among gentlemen who love travelling, on this occasion the two designers are proud to present “Ace Denim”, their denim brand with a luxury and sophisticated image that offers denims at competitive prices. The signature of Ace Denim is the use of galvanised copper as the colour of all the metal elements including buttons, rivets and zips as well as packaging and the lettering on the label. The choice of colour reflects an alliance between industrial roots and sophisticated modernity.

For style-conscious gentlemen, visit Boll & Rava’s and Ace Denim’s first flagship stores in Asia at King Power Mahanakhon. Ace Denim jeans are also available at King Power Rangnam, King Power Srivaree and King Power Phuket.