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Fashion Insider: When Art Meets Function

By 10 October 2018 No Comments

What’s the first brand name bag you owned? Many would say Longchamp. With functional design and a wide array of colours, a Longchamp bag appeals to many. This time, it features special designs by artist Clo’e Floirat.





Every woman knows, and most likely owns, a Le Pliage, which has become one of the must-have items. The durable coated canvas bag, available in various sizes and colour, is perfect for many occasions. The French brand doesn’t stop there — each year, Longchamp collaborates with designers and artists to introduce special editions of this iconic bag, such as Shayne Oliver of Hood by Air, Jeremy Scott, Tracy Emin, and Mary Katrantzou.

This edition’s idea is all about the bond between man and dogs. Dogs are the ideal companion and are becoming the latest must-have accessory for strolling down our city streets. Could they possibly be on the verge of replacing the queen of the streets: the handbag? Not exactly… but when combining the two, you now have the perfect combination. Not long ago, New York City decided to ban dogs on the subway unless they were able to fit in a bag, basically permitting only small dogs to travel via train. But, in true New Yorker fashion, people said ‘fuggedaboutit!’ and took the law quite literally. No one ever said how big or small the bag had to be, so now we’re seeing Labradors and Huskies in bags that are simply huge.

Longchamp has created here three different comical vignettes on three different sized Le Pliage bags

The collection comes with umbrellas, wristlets, coin purses and keychains
in six variations to match the bags

Inspired by this idea, Longchamp has created here three different comical vignettes on three different sized Le Pliage bags. When placed side-by-side, the people and their dogs are walking in a line from one bag to the next, each bag with its own personal charm. Some are strutting, some are prancing, and some are pulling their owners. Each dog has its own unique character — some wear a top hat, some sport a Victorian-style collar. Clo’e Floirat, an art critic, author and cartoonist, has designed red miniature dachshund — star of this collaboration — on blue background. The collection comes with umbrellas, wristlets, coin purses and keychains in six variations to match the bags.  

Now let’s get to know the artist herself. Clo’e Floirat is an art critic, author and cartoonist, with an interesting take on social issues. She attended the Design Academies of Reims and Eindhoven, Netherlands, before moving to Berlin where she worked with architects specialising in art spaces for another five years. She has a degree in Masters in Critical Writing in Art & Design at the Royal College of Art, London.

Clo’e is a regular contributor to various publications, e.g., art press, Frieze, Designo, Intramuros, l’Officiel Art and the World of Interiors and draws for the New Yorker. In 2016 Clo’e showcased her work at Kamel Mennour gallery. The French artist is a rising star in France, and an inspiration for women to find who they are. “Her work is not an end”, as British writer Natalie Ferris indicates, “but an intermediary to urge for more thoughts and opinions, to foster our individual esprit critique.”