Let’s get to know Moncler, an originally French clothing brand
with a traveller’s spirit, sleek design, and top functionality in cold weather



Lighter than wool coats, the down jackets became popular thanks to the warmth and light weight.

When was the first time you see a quilted down jacket, and where was it? Many might never know where this innovation came from, this useful creation that has protected so many travellers from cold weather around the world. The origin of this clothing is Moncler.

It was in 1952 when René Ramillon and André Vincent founded a company together to produce quilted sleeping bags, a single model of a lined cagoule and tents with a telescopie structure and outside cove under the name Moncler. The name is an abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont, a village in the mountains near Grenoble, France. The first quilted down jackets were conceived for protecting workers from the cold. Lighter than traditional wool coats, the down jackets became popular thanks to the warmth and light weight. In 1954, Moncler quilted jackets were chosen to equip the Italian expedition to Karakorum, which culminated with the conquest of the earth’s second highest summit. Moncler also accompanied the French expedition which reached the summit of Makalù in 1995 and was the official supplier for expeditions in Alaska organised by Lionel Terray in 1964. This proves that Moncler’s design and quality are trusted by travellers.

The Moncler universe has spread over the years and is worth more than 4 billion euros today, with stores in major cities

The brand became widely praised once again in 1968, as on occasion of the Grenoble Winter Olympics, Moncler became the official supplier of the French national downhill skiing team. It was a special event that was also to mark the change in logo: Mount Eguit, which rises up behind the village, was replaced by the cockerel. Broadcast worldwide, Moncler clothing captured the attention of the global audience. In 1980, the brand went in a new direction as Chantal Thomass overhauled the appearance of the quilted jacket and she replaced the zipper with buttons and used fur trim, satin, and reversible fabrics. This move made Moncler a rising star in Paris’s fashion circle.

The change brought new energy to the brand, when change is expected in an industry with frequent changes like fashion. In 2003, Moncler was bought out by the Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini, current President and Creative Director, who was to introduce the strategy of the global quilted jacket. Thanks to his vision, Moncler became an international brand, and various designers were brought in to introduce more variety. New ideas, research and new materials took the brand to a whole new level.

In 2006, the Moncler universe was further enhanced with the launch of the Haute Couture Moncler Gamme Rouge collection. It was a frontier of female elegance and sophistication, designed first by Alessandra Facchinetti followed by Giambattista Valli who continues to design the collection. Three years later, in 2009, men’s line Moncler Gamme Bleu was launched. This men’s collection combines the sartorial sensitivity of American designer Thom Browne with the brand’s sporting DNA. In 2010, the men’s and women’s Moncler Grenoble collection made its debut in New York. The brand also launched Moncler Enfant for children, and Moncler Lunettes for eyewear, with special collaboration pieces such as the ones featuring Pharrell Williams.

The Moncler universe has spread over the years and is worth more than 4 billion euros today, with stores in major cities and fashion avenues around the world, as well as standalone shops at five-star ski resorts. Experience Moncler’s luxury today exclusively at King Power Rangnam.

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