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Behind the Scene: In the Sunny Warmth

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The artsy Sunny Suwanmethanont is known for his quiet, rugged, and light-hearted look from the roles he has played in several films, but today, as a model, he looks sleek and mysterious, befitting our Men Issue. The old Sunny has been completely transformed.

Stylist Sanshai Jirat Subpisankul, who has worked with Sunny many times before, is tasked with creating a warm look for Sunny in this fashion set through Autumn/ Winter clothes in earth tones, the signature hues of the season. The atmosphere is set as a man’s dressing room belonging to a chic, cool and tasteful man. Sunny perfectly ts this character, making the shoot ow smoothly. Sanshai says, “Sunny is talented — there’s nothing to worry about.”

Sunny does not hear the compliment, but can’t help feeling thrilled about working with Power magazine for the first time.

“I didn’t really prepare anything special this morning. You know, I just did some flips and ran around my neighbourhood,” Sunny deadpans, making it hard to guess if he really means it or he’s joking. Not that it matters what we want to know is, for someone who’s done so many things in the entertainment world, being an actor, show host, and model, what does he like most?

Sunny does not hesitate before saying,

“Acting. I don’t think I can sing, and modeling is so not me. I haven’t shown my other talents because I don’t think there’s any left. I don’t have that many skills. Oh I’m good at playing games. Yup, that’s my other talent. I think being an actor suits me most. I was just a boy with no direction in life, and ended up in Dear Dakanda. I fell in love with acting and I think I will keep doing it for life. I don’t really feel that this job deprives me of my privacy when people stop me on the street, I just tell them, ‘Do I look like I have time for this?'”, Sunny says, his sudden plot twist catching us off guard.

Although he says  he prefers acting, he does well as the show host of The Sun Hunter with his humorous friend Kenji Boonpipattanapong. The show is about the search for the sun in 20 cities in three countries — France, Monaco, and Switzerland in 14 days. ” I don’t want to call myself a show host — I think being a show host requires specific presentation skills, sort of like being a news reporter. In this show, I’m merely a traveller inviting everyone to join me.”

During the conversation, the crew returns from their lunch break and begins to get ready for the shoot. Before Sunny gets ready for his role as a model, he leaves a message for King Power on the occasion of its anniversary. “I wish the King Power team, partners, customers and readers the best things in life. Think good thoughts and do good deeds, and good things will come your way,” Sunny says with a smile.

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