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Grooming Story: For Your Eyes Only

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Learn what troubles the skin around the eyes and find out what products can treat those problems for men.

Your Eyes

The skin around the eyes is 10 times less flexible and more delicate than other areas, so it is easily irritated and loses moisture faster. Therefore, the skin around the eyes can be wrinkled and dark circles can appear. To treat these problems, you have to start from the most serious concern. Each eye treatment product works differently, and combining different products may reduce the effectiveness. The best solution is to use one at a time, maybe on alternate days. First of all, check what problems you have, so you can find the right products to treat them.


Dark circles around the eyes can be caused by many factors — genetics (natural skin colour), poor blood circulation, vitamin deficiency (especially vitamin K), toxins in the body, not getting enough rest, hormone imbalance, rubbing the eyes too hard, allergies, and asthma. To treat dark circles, you can to do it inside out and outside in. Consume foods rich in vitamin K and use eye cream which contains vitamin K, AHA, kojic acid and retinol (and use sunscreen!). You may want to consider a product with light reflecting properties to brighten up the eye area.


Puffy bags under the eyes are caused by fluid buildup. Fluid retention is caused by consuming too much salt and alcohol, but can also be a result of not getting enough sleep, sinus problems, allergies, and crying. Puffy eyes usually happen when we’re sleeping. An easy way to reduce this problem is to elevate your head when you sleep. You can also use eye gel with caffeine to help reduce the puffiness.

When you get older, the oil glands around the eyes can become a little lazy. Those with dry skin experience eye wrinkles faster.


Fine lines is the body’s way of telling you the skin is dehydrated. They can occur naturally or as a result of prolonged use of Roaccutane® which reduces the skin’s natural oil. Sometimes they are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle such as staying up late, not drinking enough water, stress, or squinting. Always use moisturiser with hyaluronic acid to plump up the skin. More importantly, stop the bad habits which cause them in the first place.


You can blame gravity for eye wrinkles, but they are also caused by stress, UV rays, and facial expression. When you get older, the oil glands around the eyes can become a little lazy. Those with dry skin experience eye wrinkles faster. To solve this problem, avoid being out in the sun because UV rays damage the skin’s collagen, and squinting the eyes in the sun can also promote wrinkles. Choose rich and nourishing products like shea butter or products with vitamin C and E, peptides, idebenone and antioxidants to stimulate collagen production. Always wear eye sunscreen or sunglasses when you’re outdoor.


The right way to apply eye cream is to put 2-4 dots under the eyes and dab gently with your ring finger from the inner corner outward up to the temple. This helps improve drainage and flush out toxins. Do not apply it too close to the eyes. Refrigerate your eye gel or eye cream to reduce puffiness


Biotherm Homme

Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum

(15ml / 1,870 Baht)

Hydrating eye serum to de-puff the eyes.


Line-Control Eye Balm

(20ml / 1,870 Baht)

Reduce wrinkles and firm up the skin around the eyes.


Anti-Age Eye Cream

(15ml 1,445 Baht)

Hydrate the skin, reduce fine lines and brighten up the eye area.